Woman Spends 3 Years Restoring battered Old Bus Into Beautiful, Living Home

    Lots of individuals dream concerning building or renovating their own house in the future, however, what percentage folks will say they remodeled a 50-plus-year-old GMC bus into an opulent small home? Jessie Lipskin is one such anomaly. The 30-year-old invariably knew she needed to measure a bit otherwise, and one day she was perusal eBay once she stumbled upon an inventory for a 1966 Commuter hound dog bus whose vintage aesthetic she idolized.

    “It was love at first sight,” Jessie told Apartment medical care. She bought the bus straight away.

    3 years and 70,000 Dollars later, She restored the once empty, decrepit bus into a contemporary, clean, and vegan-friendly mobile living space; you’d never realize it used to be a public transit vehicle simply by staring at its interior.

    “It was a labor of affection, and I felt a real sense of accomplishment once everything came along,” she said.

    Currently set in Asbury Park, New Jersey, the 400-square-foot abode on wheels has been Jessie’s home since January…

    Jessie was determined to live a sustainable lifestyle after watching architect Mike Reynolds’ documentary “Garbage Warrior.”

    “[The film] really resonated with me,” Jessie told in a recent interview. “I began to consume everything I could read, more about sustainable lifestyles.”

    “Ultimately, a home on wheels seemed like a perfect solution,” Jessie Lipskin explained on Apartment Therapy. “I could easily explore new places (finding a permanent place to settle, in the short term, was not a priority for me), and I could continue to live a vegan lifestyle.”

    “RVs lacked the aesthetic I was going for,” she added, “so I landed on a vintage bus conversion which could be registered and insured as an RV.”

    Jessie Lipskin tapped a team of professionals to help her with parts of the project.

    “I love DIY,” she told. “However, I don’t have experience with plumbing, electrical, carpentry needed for this project.”

    In the end, Jessie pulled the project off beautifully.


    The bus features hardwood flooring, three huge closets, two sleeping areas, one full-sized bath, two central air conditioning units, and a decent-sized kitchen — oh, and it’s drivable!

    Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, Jessie Lipskin opted for an all-white interior for a clean, modern look.

    Jessie’s favorite room in the bus-house is her bedroom, she told Apartment Therapy: “I love the feeling of being enclosed in my big cozy bed with all my favorite books an arm’s length away.”

    The only thing she wishes she’d done differently?

    “I’d like to add a roof deck,” she admitted in her Apartment Therapy interview.

    Jessie Lipskin sanded and sealed the maple countertops in her kitchen herself, a DIY undertaking of which she’s very proud.

    “They are one of the few places you can see the wood grains,” she said. “I love how it looks against the crisp white walls and ceiling.”

    Jessie Lipskin said her friends usually have one of two things to say when they step into her home: “Is this actually a bus?” and “This is nicer than my apartment!”

    Said friends come in handy when Jessie Lipskin needs to move the bus, as she can’t drive it herself.

    “I grew up in New York City and I finally learned how to drive in my mid-twenties,” she explained, but “I have yet to learn how to drive a stick shift!”

    “I have made lots of friends with the ability to drive a manual 40-foot bus without power steering!” she added.

    Coveting Jessie’s mobile abode? Well, you’re in luck…

    Jessie Lipskin recently emailed Apartment Therapy to announce that she’s selling her beloved bus.

    “It’s just too big for me to drive on my own,” she said. “I work remotely and have the opportunity to travel internationally for a while, which I want to experience in full. After that I’d love to return to tiny home life, something a bit more manageable for me to drive on my own — a Sprinter conversion or a towed Airstream trailer.”

    The bus could be all yours, provided you’ve got $149,000 to spare. Click here to check out its Craigslist listing!