Want To Be A Head Turner? Try These Unbelievably Helpful Makeup Hacks!!

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Being a girl is not an easy thing. You have to take care of your hair, your appearance, your shape, the passing comment makers and most importantly of your makeup at the same time. Especially when it comes to makeup we almost everyday struggle with questions like “Is this shade looking good on me or not? “have I applied it perfectly or not?” Well, that girl who puts eyeliner so beautifully uses a hack that today I am going to share with you. The tricks here are just not pocket-friendly but extremely useful too. These makeup tricks will surely make you the talk of your class or office or anywhere you spend your time. Check them out.

Winged Look

What is your opinion about the winged eyes? Do you like it? They look so beautiful right. Have you ever tried these winged eyes? Not an easy thing. Well, it might not be easy to   You do not have to be an artist to create a freehand winged eyeliner. All we need is a piece of Scotch tape. Some beauty experts prefer to use a plastic spoon while others like to use a silver utensil — pick what’s comfortable for you. You just have to follow the edges carefully to begin your perfect cat eye lines. After the finishing trashed path, just fill in as needed.

Brushing Dark Circles Off

No need to say that the biggest enemy of your beauty is the dark circles. They come sneakily and just don’t go away. Put a lot of makeup, do up your hair beautifully wear a big smile on your face but if the dark circles remain untreated then my friend all your efforts go into the pot.  The natural way to do away with dark circles is doing exercise every day, eating healthy and sleeping early. Now be honest, do you think owing to your hell busy schedule you can do them regularly. Simply impossible. Then what other option do we have to get rid of this evil some dark circles? You can try this hack. Draw the concealer under your skin in a triangular shape not horizontally as many girls do then mix it. After that do rest of your makeup. You will be surprised to see the result. Also, apply concealer below and up your eyebrows.

Pencil Liner Or Gel Liner

If you think that only expensive makeup products can give you a classy look then here comes a hack that will prove you wrong, completely. Did you know that your not so expensive pencil liner can do wonder to your eyes after getting heat up? You just have to warm the tip of the pencil that turns it into the gel liner and apply that on your eyes to get that classy smudgy look. Just be careful enough to not to burn the pencil and your hand for that matter. I am sure you would have never felt so happy after having proved wrong, right?

White Liner Before Eyeshadow

It is said that eyes mirror your soul. That’s why you should keep your eyes always beautiful in order to reflect a beautiful soul. You can do this by eating healthy food and by applying a good eyeshadow(I am serious). You can use any eyeshadow according to your look. Before applying the eyeshadow make sure you apply white eyeliner first and don’t forget to prep your eyelid with it. This will gives sustenance and extra shine to your eyeshadow. The best part is that it works on any skin tone.

Applying Mascara Correctly

Well, applying mascara rightly is nothing short of waging a war. You have the tools but you just don’t know how to use them to get desired eye look. How many times did you try to do it and ended up becoming a wide-eyed raccoon? If it is a problem for you then here is the solution to that. Just go to the kitchen (you read it right) get yourself a spoon and place that against your eyelid while brushing the mascara on your upper lashes. The spoon takes up the residue gel.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes have always been on the trend. It gives you a bold look and makes you look at your level best. However, getting a smoky eye is not a piece of cake. This messy eye look needs to be messed to a certain extent. Any less or more can turn you into a ghost. But you don’t worry we have got the solution to this problem. You can have this iconic look only by having an eyebrow pencil of your favorite color. By the pencil, mark a hashtag (#) on the outer corner of your eyelid, then smudge it. You may get the more desirable result with a pencil that has a smudger on the end of it. Wipe the residue with a cotton swab.

Making Mascara Last Long

Mascara makes your eyes more beautiful. They add volume to your eyelashes, give them a curvy shape and blacken them even more. To put it simply, this is the must-have makeup product. Though it has so many advantages it also comes with its share of problems. This very expensive product dries up easily so you just can’t keep them for more than 4 months. No doubt, It hurts the most throwing your expensive mascara in the trash. If you go through this pain more often than try this hack, it will help. All you have to do is to pour some of your eye drops solutions into the mascara tube. By this, you can have them last longer.

Purchasing Right Foundation

This is something we all do. While buying a foundation we match its color with the skin of our hand. Would you believe if I say that you have been doing this wrong? The hands are exposed to the sun more often and hence, is different in color in comparison to your face. So the next time you go shop for foundation apply that on your neck to see if it is according your face color, you can also apply it on your jawline.

Eyelash Curler

Is your eyelash curler is incompetent to bring the desired result? Then try this hack. Gently heat up your eyelash curler with your hairdryer and then apply on your lashes. Don’t overheat it as it can burn your eyelashes. You can check the heat by placing it on the back of your hand. This trick is used by makeup artist too.

Putting Lipstick Correctly

We have seen the usage of sign “X” for representing danger or as a mark beneath which lots of treasure is buried. Now let’s get acquainted with another usage of it, this mark can actually help you in giving a perfect shape to your lip. In order to apply your lipstick perfectly first draw an “X” on your upper lip with your lipstick by making a diagonal line from the tip of your lip to the bottom of it.

The Eye Lash Glue

Do you face a problem in applying glue to your false eyelashes? then try this. Grab a bobby pin and apply the glue on the eyelash by this. By this way, you would be saved from having sticky hands ruined false eyelashes. You also can take help of tweezers to extract the correct amount of glue, avoid having a huge dot of glue. You can start applying from the corner of the eyelashes.

Natural Makeup

The best kind of makeup is that makes you look natural. You can get that look only by an eyeshadow tint. Apply the tint from the root of the lashes on the tip of that. You don’t need expensive mascara anymore to have darker lashes.

Having The Long Eyelashes

We all were in love with the actress Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. Do you ever desire to have long eyelashes like her? If yes, then save this trick in your mind and use it when the time is right. In order to get those fuller lashes, you have to apply mascara after curling the lashes and then need to separate them with the help of a neat bobby pin. This is all you have got to do.

Smudge-free Lipstick

Nothing is more untrustworthy than your lipstick. You have that with you in the morning and just abandons you in the middle of the day. This is so problematic. But as we know every problem has a trick. We are going to share this amazing trick with you that will make your lipstick last longer. For that, you have to apply your lip color first, then press gently a tissue paper against your lips and sprinkle the translucent powder on the tissue. The powder soaks the moisture of lipstick. Here you have your lipstick that lasts longer and doesn’t even smudge.

Lip Gloss DIY

This is for those who prefer lip gloss over lipsticks. You can have your favorite lip color made at home. For this, you just need two things i.e. loose pigment of your favorite color and some petroleum jelly. Have them both in the desired amount and mix them well. Once mixed, you can apply that to your lips. Make sure you store that in a lid tight jar, so they could stay in use for a longer time.

Put The Lipstick Off Your Teeth

We all have faced this toe-curling moment when someone tells us that there is a lipstick stain on our teeth. We can’t alter the past but surely can prevent ourselves from getting into such embarrassing circumstances. Slide your finger into your mouth after putting on your lipstick suck on it and bring that out. This way if you had any lipstick on your teeth then that would get transferred to your finger. Do check again in the mirror before saying your “Hi” to the people. The trick no doubt is little clammy but worth trying.


The prime function of a contour is to highlight your face‘s unique features. In contour, you take matte makeup in use that redefines your face shape. Before using contour smoothed your face with foundation otherwise, this product can give you an uneven surface. Contour gives you a natural look.


Foundation is the base of the makeup. That’s why it is necessary to apply it properly. In order to have your foundation applied evenly to your face, you have to start from the center of the face and move outside. Do not begin from outside and get inside as it leaves your hairline uncovered and hence gives you uneven color. Circle your finger while applying it for the better result.

Toilet Paper As Blotting Paper

Let us explore the other usage of toilet papers. Toilet paper can be used as a blotting paper that absorbs the oil and grease from your face. Though the blot papers come very expensive costing up to $9.99, you can have their free version in use from any dispenser or box. Both the good are manufactured with the same material. So, I hope from now on you won’t underestimate the usage of a toilet paper.

Look in The Camera

Do you remember the famous catchphrase, mirror, mirror on the wall? It’s time to change it into the camera, the camera on the phone. We nowadays look more into the camera compared to the mirror to check ourselves. Why would it not be? It comes in handy and even warns you about your makeup before stepping out in the sun. You can find out how will you look in the bright light by turning the phone’s flashlight on.

People With Oily Skin

Mostly the tinted powder or translucent are recommended for the people with oily skin. There is a long list of things an oily skin person should avoid but we will focus on the prime ones. Along with liquid makeup, the one should also avoid shiner as it highlights the already brightened areas of one’s face. Instead of that, one should use the powder that controls the oiliness of your skin. One more thing doesn’t use powder excessively as it can make you look lumpy.


The user of bronzer should not apply the product all over the face but only the areas that come directly into the contact of the sun. There is a very easy method of applying it. You can apply it on the side of your face by drawing an E that will have its tip just around the eyebrow, and at the point of the nose and under the bottom of the lip. You can make the fish face while putting it on.

Smokey Eyes

In order to get perfect smoky eyes to look, you should avoid drawing any visible lines and let them blur. You can take the help of concealer to mix the eyeshadow at the corners. Once you are done with the base move gently on your lash lines and smudging the lines. After having all this done you give it a last look by brushing the powder shadow into the crease

Before Applying Makeup

Before going for a full-fledged makeup the first thing you have got to do is putting a suitable foundation on your face. It becomes very important as the whole of your makeup depends on that. Apply concealer afterward if you are using a liquid foundation, but if you have chosen the powder one then go for concealer first. You can use the primer before the foundation. Follow them up with your eye and lip makeup.

Go For Both

You want to put a glossy lipstick for the evening look but needs to put matte for the day.  You can save yourself from this day to day confusion by buying them in two finishes.

The Other Useful Tricks

The makeup box is no less than a treasure for the girls. You can make your precious makeup product last long with these easy hacks. Make sure you squeeze every drop of your product into use by cutting them in half. If you think that your pigment or powder has finished then don’t hesitate in scraping them. Buy yourself a clean mascara wand from the store and increase the life of your mascara. In order to get your foundation rightly utilized prefer sponge to mix over your fingers. You also can fix your cracked eyeshadow by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol in it and pressing it with a spoon.
So, now you have learned all the tricks. Use them without any worries because they all work.