VIRAL VIDEO: Toddler’s frustrated ‘Baby Shark’ song request to Amazon Alexa goes viral

Do you ever get pissed off when your Amazon Alexa device does not understand you?

A youngster in Wisconsin did when it did not comprehend her request to play “Baby Shark,” the viral hit song by Pinkfong posted to YouTube.

But despite her request, Alexa plays a distinct song. “Alexa, Alexa! Play ‘Baby Shark!'” the youngster shouts, repeatedly requesting the catchy tune. “Alexa, play ‘Baby Shark’!” the youngster says in an exceedingly video that her mother, Cryssy Turner, posted to Facebook Oct 15.

Eventually, Turner herself asks Alexa to play “Baby Shark,” which the device currently understands.
When the jam begins to play, the lady with excitement turns to her mother and shrieks sky-high before she breaks out into dance.
Turner wrote online that her girl “struggled for a minimum of 5 [minutes] before I even started recording,” noting her daughter’s “persistence” to concentrate to “Baby Shark.”
The viral clip, as of Wednesday night, had been viewed around 10 million times. A clip of the song on YouTube, meanwhile, presently has around 1.8 billion views.
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