The mystery of the Trap Door which led her To A Place No One Thought Was Possible


People often choose to live their life as an explorer to satisfy their thirst for mystery and discovery. The monotonous streets of the city rarely provide fodder for the mind of a curious explorer. So what place would be better than a deep forest to quench this thirst for adventure!

This was no ordinary outhouse

Lana Sator is a photographer who spent her fair share of time exploring old weapons factories and climbing into abandoned missile silos. She would visit these places, long forgotten by man to document the relics of the cold war. It was in the summer of 2010 when Lana went deep inside a forest in search of something new. She came across a building which first looked like an old outhouse. but on a second look, she realized it was something entirely different.

 An ominous hole, what mysteries does it hold?

She wasn’t sure at first if she should go inside this rotting structure. It looked like the owners had abandoned this place a long time ago. After mustering some courage, Lana decided to take a look inside, where she found a deep hole with a series of ladders leading straight downwards. Lana must have been creeped out, but for some reason, she decided to head below.

The journey down the stairs must have been harrowing for this explorer, but Lana’s spirit was tough, she made it down the hole and came across a series of interconnected tunnels. No doubt that this ordinary looking outhouse was indeed a just a front for something massive. Thanks to Lana’s keen eyes, she was able to look past the deception people from WW2 had laid for the enemy. it was time for our adventurer to explore this underground world.

 Was this place really abandoned?

Unable to decide which path to follow first, Lana takes a blind leap of faith and follows the path closest to her. As she followed the tunnel she continued to inspect it too, not much deeper into the tunnels it became more and more obvious to Lana that these caves must have been part of a huge mine at some point in time. On her journey, she found carts, tracks and old tools scattered all over the place.

Though this whole place was creepy, the first part of this mine that Lana ventured into, looked pretty much straightforward. Things were messy but not ominous, they just looked abandoned. However, as she made her way further into this mine, things began to change. It was all beginning to look significantly eerier.

Lana was amazed at the depth this mine was extended to, it looked like it must have taken them quite some time to dig. not to mention she still had no clue what mineral this place was used to mine for. On her journey through this creepy area, she started to find some strange pieces of abandoned equipment which she couldn’t even identify. Doubt in Lana’s head started to grow but she was still adamant to forge ahead.

 The path started getting narrower

The further Lana ventured into this mine, the creepier the scene around her started to grow. The place was quite narrow in some parts, and the surroundings were literally cold and icy. Though Lana did not carry all the equipment to handle this kind of freezing temperatures, she had come too far to turn around now. The mine was slowly shaping into a something more sinister like all the miners had suddenly dropped everything and ran.

 She stumbled across a series of rails

As she ventured deeper into this forsaken place she started coming across more and more deserted equipment, She even stumbled upon a series of rails that must have been responsible to carry carts throughout the mines. Strangely enough, this part of the tunnel was submerged underwater. Lana wondered if the reason why this mine had to be deserted was this flooding only.

 It was really dangerous, being this deep inside the tunnels

As Lana made her way deeper and deeper into this mine, she started to notice that the shafts had begun to look much more rickety and generally unstable. On top of this, many of the support beams had been water damaged due to all the water present at the bottom. Though the water was to be blamed for their rotten appearance, the ice forming everywhere in this tunnel was causing these beams to split which made this place extremely dangerous.

 There was a terrifying calm spread in every direction

At this point, there were ice formations all around Lana, This freezing temperature flooded these tunnels with a terrifying calm and silence. The mercury had dropped to soo low that even the water on the mine shaft floor was completely frozen solid. This temperature was really starting to disturb our adventurer as she never expected she’ll be witnessing ice while exploring this forest on a summer afternoon.

 The frozen floor

The frozen floor brought with it a fair share of challenges. While the freezing temperature itself was uncomfortable enough, it was quite challenging to traverse this frozen sheet of ice under their feet. it was slippery and it had risen so much higher from the ground that it made it impossible for them to move through it. Space was becoming increasingly cramped, claustrophobic explorers probably wouldn’t fare well down here!

 It was like a labyrinth

Mines like these often feel like a labyrinth and explorers need to be especially careful as they risk the danger of being lost in such a forsaken place. Lana too was keeping track of where she was quite close, as it seemed to her it was quite easy to get lost in a place like this, if she missed even a single turn or tried to find her way back from a different set of shafts, she could indeed end up hopelessly stuck!

Lana was not giving up yet

Regardless of the growing challenge of moving forward, Lana was set to keep marching ahead. She didn’t know what motivated her, but she had a very faint feeling in her gut that she would eventually find something huge. So she continued to walk through the cold narrow tunnels until she came across this treasure of hers.

 Finally, she found it!

Ultimately, she did find something huge. One confined tunnel brought her to an enormous open area hidden in the earth. The area was packed with all kinds of deserted machinery, and she deduced that it would have been the mine’s center of operations. There were still numerous relics from the time forgotten in this place and she was amazed at the thought of how active this place must have been at one point in time.

 It goes even deeper

From this main Big area that Lana found herself standing in, She noticed many more mine shafts which appeared to be going in deeper inside the mine. They were going down and further in the opposite direction of the entrance from where Lana had come. This looked into the hollow tunnels enveloped in darkness and felt the tunnels look back at her.

 Lana didn’t have much choice at this point

A little terrified but adamant on reaching the end of this mine Lana decided to explore mystery of this mine. She was careful not to venture too deep on the opposite side of her eventual exit. because of the wear and tear this place had gone through with the passage of time, many of the tunnels looked too hazardous to be explored which in turn limited the choices Lana had by a lot.

 The mystery intensifies!

Many of the tunnels which did look safe enough to be explored, unfortunately, only led Lana to a dead-end. But looking at these places, there were still tools and equipment left in there. It looked as if the miners were planning to continue the dig further in that direction but because of some unforeseen complication, they were unable to continue their work. We wonder what might have prompted them to leave everything behind like this and just run away.

 This place was still hiding many secrets

Although until this point everything that Lana had witnessed seemed to point at only one conclusion, that the people working in this mine must have abandoned this place at a moment’s notice. Yet absolutely nothing came across Lana which might give as much as a clue why that must have happened that prompted such a hastened retreat. Neither was there any clue as to what exactly was the operation that was being carried out here.

 Time for Lana to head back

Eventually, Lana decided that she had seen everything there was to be seen in this place and it was time for her to take her to leave. This was a cold and unwelcoming place that seemed to have wanted it’s secrets to be buried within itself. Not giving a single clue as to what must have happened here, this place only told a story of solitude and abandonment. With many unanswered questions in her head, Lana turned around and started her journey back to the surface.

 It was a really amazing experience!

Though there were still countless tunnels that were left unexplored by Lana, she unquestionably gets points for bravery. Few others would have attempted to venture as far into the deserted mine as she did!