These nine nurses in the same unit are all due at the same time.

A baby-boom generation is coming back to the labor and delivery unit of a famous hospital named Maine, where 9 of its nurses will give birth to their babies almost around the same time.

The labor and delivery of all the nurses at medical center Maine in Portland are all due between April and July.

Nurse Erin Grenier told WMTW: “After every one of us started to say, ‘We’re pregnant,’ i believe it absolutely was a happier kind of announcement every time, and we’re all there for every other,”

The hospital declared its baby-boom generation Monday on social media and saluted the moms. Eight of them were included in a picture demonstrating their baby bumps.

The hospital reacted to bound individuals’ worries with regard to having enough workers in the summer, remarking “Don’t worry! we’ve got an idea.”

The nurses have supported one another from the start and will still do so until all of them give birth, according to WMTW.

“It is absolutely nice coming back to figure and seeing people who are even as pregnant looking their bellies pop and simply talking about these experiences that we are looking together,” nurse Amanda Spear told WMTW.

Source: CNN