These Hikers Encountered A Horse In The Woods That Was More

Two Hikers Exploring The Woods

There were three hikers wandering around in the woods. This would be a typical hiking experience up until then, but then something happened. The two hikers spotted a tree that was shivering. Never did they expect to see a local social media celebrity

Play-Doh The Celebrity Horse

Play-Doh was the 10-year-old, 800 lbs horse owned by Susan Crawford. They reside in York, Pennsylvania and on May 27th while on a trail, Play-Doh slipped on a steep incline. As Crawford fell off, the horse got frightened and ran away then going missing.

 Who Is Susan Crawford?

Susan Crawford, a League of Maryland Horsemen equestrian club member is obviously horse lover. Susan Crawford was following a trail in Patapsco State Park and was planning on camping for the evening. But then her horse unexpectedly went missing.

Play-Doh Was Really Frightened

To WJZ, Crawford explained, “We slipped down and I slid off of him.” After the fall, Crawford was shaken up. Although she was not harmed, the fact that her horse went missing was quite troubling for her.

What Was Play-Doh Donning?

Telling The Baltimore Sun about what Play-Doh wore, she said he, “had his tack and saddle on with a lime-green holster and breast collar.” They met with the accident near a tunnel on the tracks.

Organizing A Search Party For The Horse

The whole community united to look for Play-Doh. The Howard County Corp, hikes and members of Crawford’s equestrian club went out into the woods to search for Play-Doh. His riding gear would easily give him away but sadly, that turned out not to be true. It seemed like Play-Doh had gone completely out of trace.

What A Nightmare!

Crawford said in an interview, “It was hard to understand how he could have vanished or that no one had seen him or found any of his tracks.” She felt as though it was a never-ending nightmare. She continued her search for Play-Doh even after many unsuccessful trials.

Worst Case Scenario

Crawford wanted to calm down but said it helped to think of the worst case scenario because it helped put her thoughts aside and “focus on doing everything to find Play-Doh.”

The Popular Lost Horse

On Facebook, “What Is Play-Doh?” page was opened. Crawford would upload pictures and details about her furry best friend. The post spread all over social media. Crawford said, “We had over 10,000 shares of Play Doh’s story.” It even reached the local evening news as well.

Everyone Helped Out

Crawford was backed up by her community. Her equestrian group hung up hundreds of posters. Crawford shared that, “the League of Maryland Horsemen, where we were staying, turned their campground into a base camp.” The campaign seemed to have worked as she received a call about people spotting the horse.

It Was A False Alarm

It is unfortunate to say that the call was not helpful. She went to the location given by the caller who had said that Play-Doh was spotted. She told CBS Baltimore, “We got there, and it wasn’t him.” It was getting a little too late.

After 2 Weeks

Two weeks of intensive searching later, Play-Doh was still missing. During this time, David Sugar, Emily Perryman, and Vlad Konstantinov went hiking. The three hikers unexpectedly found a horse in the woods equivalent to descriptions about Play Doh’s appearance.

The Hiker’s Rescued Him

Since one of them had seen Play Doh’s missing signboards he was quite aware of what the horse looked like. The hikers said in an interview for Baltimore that they even joked about the sign and said, “how do you lose a horse?”

Where Was Play-Doh Found?

Play-Doh, the local social media celebrity had been rescued by the three hikers! The told CBS Baltimore, “The horse was there, the saddle was kind of cockeyed 90 degrees.” After untangling the poor horse, they took him into a local inn.

A Long Journey

Play-Doh was actually far away from home! After he bucked off Crawford Play-Doh traveled south. The hikers found Play-Doh tired and weak close-by the Woodstock Road.

Finally, Play-Doh Comes Home

Upon hearing that Play Don was found, to say that Crawford was happy would be an understatement! After she got the call from the hikers, Susan and her fellow equestrian club members went to bring back Play-Doh. PlayDoh was taken back to his campsite using a horse trailer.

Safe and Sound

A veterinarian quickly examined the horse as soon as he got back. Fortunately, Play-Doh health was looking good despite a few minor injuries and a deep cut on his face.

Welcome, Home Play-Doh!

As soon as they were reunited, the pair had an emotional moment. On CBS Baltimore, Crawford reminds, “He kind of put his head on my shoulder, and he was like, ‘Oh, thank god for mother.”

Time For Celebration

All the locals that helped search for Play-Doh were happy to see him home. Susan knew that he was happy to get help when he needed it. The search party for Play Don ended up throwing a party with everyone attending.

All Thanks To The Hikers!

The hikers saved the horse after three months of him missing! In August 2016, Play-Doh got together with David, Emily and Vlad to show gratitude personally. On Facebook, one of the members posted, “It is a great moment with Play-Doh, Crawford, and her friends. It’s nice to see that poor Play-Doh doing well and fully recovered from his antic.”

Social Media Advocate

As soon as Play-Doh returned safely to his humble abode, Crawford decided to become an advocate of using social media to find lost animals.

A Big Thank You!

Crawford revealed to Baltimore Sun that, “It really is overwhelming. All the people who walked and drove around to find poor Play-Doh, who flew drones or cooked food for us – it was just so amazing.”

Getting A Full Recovery

Play-Doh was going to be fine in the end. Crawford took to social media in expressing her happiness and gratitude that Play Doh’s doctors gave him the green light to get back to his healthy life again.

A Happy Horse

Crawford put up a post on Facebook, “A big thank you to the Green Glen team of Dr. Jen Hayes and Heather for Play-Doh to make him wealthy again. Play-Doh thoroughly enjoyed his Chiropractic session. He looked so relaxed afterward.”

Being Able To Ride Again

The horse’s health became more stable as each day passed after its rescue. He was performing so well that he was ridden with an equestrian friend named Jasmine in an event arranged by the National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering.

Play-Doh Go!

Play-Doh got his health back on track and he rode more and more. He even went on acing his scores on an endurance riding course! On social media, Crawford got so excited about this news that she posted about it.

Play-Doh Is Here Once Again

Crawford was over the moon to see her horse better than ever. She posted on Facebook, “Playdoh is back. Rode the Mustang on Saturday. Completed his first Endurance LD (30 miles) with all which is pretty impressive for him. He was awesome.”

Play-Doh Back At It Again

The duo was about to do something worthwhile. She got to ride Play-Doh around the track at Canter for the Cause at Pimlico. Many famous horse racers have a jog around the same track. In the equestrian world, this was a huge matter.

Home For Many Famous Horses

Seabiscuit, the famous dog had previously been hosted her in the previous years. Secretariat, and American Pharaoh! The Canter for the Cause event raises money for two special charities.

Canter For The Cause

Canter for the Cause funds the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance that retires, rehouses and retrains thoroughbred horses. The cause also donates funds to the Susan G. Komen Maryland organization! Not only was Play Don healthy and fit, but he was also doing charity work too!