These Cake Messages Are Wrong In So Many Ways!

Cutting a cake on the occasion of weddings and on a birthday is a tradition that has been followed for years and still, people continue to do the same for a special occasion. But, the cakes on this list have somehow managed to either ruin the event or made everyone who saw it burst out in laughter. Surely, have a look at these bizarre and uniquely hilarious cakes.

Perhaps English Class Should Continue

cake-fails_2112309090.jpgSurely, the person who decorated this cake made an ample amount of spelling mistakes in his English examination sheet. I hope in between celebrating the summer vacations he manages to take out some time and work on his spellings with the help of an English tutor.

They Took This a Bit Too Literal

cake-fails_2111212.jpgI guess in the end the message that the cake owner wanted to convey didn’t come out that sprinkling or it might have been the case that he would have thought that it would look funny. Unfortunately, for him, it didn’t happen and the cake was just left as an example of what should not be done in a cake.

I Don’t Think You Do…

cake-fails-99235235.jpgIt seems that the owner didn’t remember the spelling of the term ” Remember”. Evidently, it’s been cut short to just an awkward “Rember”. Again an example of casualness before giving instructions to the cake decorator or simply a case of poor English.

Apparently, They Didn’t Proofread

cake-fails-9999.jpgThis one is very hilarious. I guess this one’s intentional as far as the message suggests. They made it sure that the girl had some task to do on her birthday apart from celebrating. No doubt, the cake is decorated well. I bet, the princess and the frog don’t need any proofreading, they are cute and perfect.

Graduation Cat?

cake-fails56555.jpgIt might be the case that it was Laura’s dream to wear a “cat” instead of a “cap” on her graduation day or some poor instructions being given to the decorator. Well, it looks fun though. The event of her graduation has been perfectly portrayed on the cake with the recipient’s photo in the middle of it.

The Most Brutally Honest Cake In The World

cake-fails-0890990.jpgNot that pretty, but acceptable though. The person for whom this cake was intended would surely have accepted it after witnessing the innocence and honesty in the message from the person who gave her. Its good one should speak his heart out even if one has to do it on a cake, ain’t it?

Hannah Montana: Tiny Head Edition

Hannah Montana: Tiny Head EditionEither Miley Cyrus would burst out in laughter or kill the man who decorated this cake. Nonetheless, it was a good attempt and the best use of the resources available to please the 9-year-old birthday girl who seems to be a die-hard fan of Hannah Montana. Don’t you think eating up your idol on your birthday would seem to be a little savage?

We Don’t Think a Trekkie Made This Cake

cake-fails_23087.jpgThis looks very awkward apart from the fact that the destroyer Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 has been perfectly made. It’s very hard to guess what went wrong while designing the cake, but it seems that the decorator was not a fan of the Star Trek series otherwise he wouldn’t have made this blunder mistake.

There Are Toilets For That Woody

cake-fails_32049.jpg“Gross” is the first word that comes to my mind after seeing this cake. I guess Woody was suffering from Diarrhea or it’s just a joke played by friends of the person for whom this cake is intended. Surely, not a good way to start your birthday by cutting this cake. I guess you know what I mean, this is disgusting!

Minnie Mouse Needs A Facelift

cake-fails_3234343.jpgCall a plastic surgeon, please! I don’t know what was the decorator envisioning while making this cake as he has completely destroyed Minnie Mouse’s face and especially the ears, they are no way close to the actual ones. I can just hope that the person who took this cake didn’t throw it or screamed to see the dilapidated face of adorable Minnie Mouse.

Time To Head Into The Body Shop

cake-fails-121231233.jpgAt first sight, it seems that lightning struck Lightning McQueen. I must admit it is a difficult one to create, but equally sorry to say that it turned out to be a disaster. Hopefully, it was edible and as far as Lightning McQueen is concerned, I am extremely sorry to say that it is no shape to compete in a race.

Mutant Porcupine? We’re Not Sure

cake-fails-12341123123123.jpgThe idea was good, but sadly not the execution. What was originally meant to be a porcupine turned out to be a zombie on a plate. I am not completely sure whether anybody was even able to eat it because I won’t after seeing this horrific figure. The teeth certainly stick out like a sore thumb.

Thomas The Pissed Off Tank Engine

cake-fails-1234553252.jpgPoor kid! surely would have stopped watching the show after seeing this cake or worse would not have been able to properly sleep. I am still curious to know what made Thomas the train so angry because generally, he carries a smile on his face. Apart from the look on his face, everything’s perfect in the cake, though.

This Was Supposed To Be a Planet

cake-fails_33488888.jpgI know you are not able to even comprehend what the decorator was trying to make. Well, I’ll tell you, his idea was to shape it as a planet. I don’t know whether the planet was destroyed by the aliens or it was made by a man who had no idea about the term “art”. Hard to say whether the cake was eaten or not.

Bad Monkey!

cake-fails-monkey-12.jpgWell, if I am not wrong the cake says that is meant for a person who is celebrating his first birthday. Seriously, is that what he’s gonna see. Anyways, let us focus on the good aspect of the cake. Firstly, the monkey has come up amazingly and the banana, mind it, by the side of the monkey has also been beautifully created. Surely, people would have had a good laugh after seeing it.

Bob The Builder Is Close To Death

cake-fails-12341132444.jpgIt seems that the creator wanted to see Bob retire and just went on to show that he is not capable of building anything, anymore. The worst part is that in this case, he is a victim of his own bad creation, as the pile of bricks has fallen on him. Surely, a tough task to eat this cake, assuming that the pile is suitable to eat.

What Is Spider-Man Doing?!

cake-fails-23509ui1.jpgThere are many versions of how people can comprehend spiderman’s state in this cake. The obvious ones are being shoved into a trash bag and sitting in an indecent posture. It would have really taken a lot of effort to make this cake considering the fact that the costume and the body of Spiderman have come out good.

Ariel Hasn’t Been Looking So Great Lately

cake-fails-1234123145.jpgNo words to describe this masterpiece being created by someone who respects this art. Yeah! I am saying it in a taunt way. Well, to make it more clear, the image on the left side is where the decorator took inspiration from and the right side is where he managed to land using his creative skills. It this cake at your own risk!

A Colorful Surprise?

cake-fails-9234523k.jpgThe use of one’s creativity by the decorator despite the specific order of writing “Thanks For A Great Year” by the man who gave the order is what has made the cake unique and hilarious in a particular way. The funniest part is the fact that the word “Purple” has been written so prominently on the cake that it sticks out on top of the brown cake.

Sending The Wrong Message

cake-fails5000045t6.jpgThis literally made me laugh for a couple of minutes. If this was intentional, then it was a very good idea to bring some smile on the face of the person whose birthday it was. Moreover, the cake is very beautiful and looks hilarious with the awkward wish on top of it. Hopefully, the person who cut this cake didn’t take this joke otherwise.

A Little Repetitive

cake-fails-085465656.jpgOkay, we get your feelings. The person who ordered this cake surely loves the birthday boy or girl a lot as he has desperately emphasized on the fact that he/she should be happy on the birthday. The cake is cute though, only the message a bit long and repetitive. I hope the person for whom it was intended ignored this fact and focused on the feelings of the person who ordered it.

To Infinity and Beyond!

cake-fails-223453092y753.jpgIt seems to me that the person who decorated the Ariel cake earlier and the person who made this are the same. Still, this time it’s a way better job as it is somewhat like the original Buzz Lightyear. Just want to say that the smile is creepy enough to give a child some sleepless nights.

What They Really Think

cake-fails-126346436034.jpgIt looks that the decorator took the orders literally and yeah wrote it all down on the cake. But, yeah this has made the cake look very funny and unfortunately, revealed the thoughts of the person who gave the orders to the person for whom the cake was intended. The words on the cake stand out more due to the yellow color.

Adam And His Blue Flowers

cake-fails_09808.jpgSurely, the message that the cake conveys was not the one that the person who gave the order wanted to convey. Maybe, Adam liked blue flowers or it was just a mistake on the part of the order giver to make the message a little difficult to comprehend. Nonetheless, the blue flowers look terrific on the white background of the cake.

This Carrot Cake Couldn’t Cut It

cake-fails_97849849.jpgYeah, I know that it is difficult to understand what the person intended to say. Let me help you with this, the order giver said to the cake decorator to write Mark as Marc, see with a “c” at the end. But, poor decorator took things too literally and seriously, which resulted in the cake turning out to be a disaster.

The Headscratcher Cake

cake-fails_253253252.jpgThe cake decorator was surely a nursery kid. Which grown-up man misspells the spelling to such an extent. I guess the answer is the person who decorated this. Seeing the red color coming up perfectly on the white background, this cake would surely have come up very nicely without the disastrous spelling mistake.

Justin Beefer

cake-fails-95476457457.jpgOne of the funniest cake on the list. Though, the decorator has done good work to carve out the face of our Justin Bieber. But, I doubt that the person for whom it was intended took it as a joke or not. You know how beliebers are, ain’t you? The main objective was to make a meat cake, apparently.

Mary Had A Little… Lamb?

cake-fails-0124124.jpgOn the first look, it seems that the lamb is diseased. Surely, this is not what the decorator was hoping to come up with in the end. The pink color looks cute but things are normalized by the disastrous face of the small lamb. To be honest, it doesn’t even look like a lamb in the first place.

They Could Have Easily Fixed This

cake-fails-954y459fwefefefqaq.jpgI don’t think that the person who gave the order was that good with numbers. As, he knew the right year but sadly, was not able to express it in figures. A small mistake, turned this cake into a piece from the future, because the year has turned into 20010! Well, that’s way ahead of the current period.

The Perfect Cake For Your Gardener

cake-fails-2334523523.jpg“Weeding” really, the probability of the couple receiving this cake after getting high on pot is very rare. I will place my bet on the fact that they were getting married, and a decorator who usually skipped English classes worked on this cake. Surely, it would not have pleased the couple.