The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History

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It was an ideal sunny summer afternoon in the national capital once the world’s largest shipping conglomerate began to lose its mind. Cyberattack was yet to happen.
The headquarters of A.P. Møller-Maersk sits beside the breezy, cobblestoned promenade of Copenhagen’s harbor. A ship’s mast carrying the Danish flag is planted by the building’s northeastern corner, and 6 stories of blue-tinted windows look out over the water, facing a dock wherever the Danish house parks its yacht.

Within the building’s basement, workers will browse a company store, stocked Maersk-branded baggage and ties, and even a rare Lego set model of the company’s large Triple-E instrumentation ship, a vessel roughly as massive because the New York State Building set on its aspect, capable of carrying another New York State Building-sized a load of payload stacked on high of it.

The afternoon of the Gregorian calendar

That store additionally homes a technology facilitate center, one table manned by IT troubleshooters next to the shop’s cashier. And on the afternoon of Gregorian calendar month twenty-seven, 2017, confused Maersk staffers began to assemble at that facilitate table in twos and threes, most of them carrying laptops.

On the machines’ screens were messages in the red and black inscription. Some browse “repairing filing system on C:” with a stark warning to not close up the pc. additional surreal, read “shit !your vital files are encrypted” and demanded a payment of $300 price of bitcoin to decode them. It was a cyber attack.

September 2018. electro-acoustic transducer MCQUADE
Across the road, AN IT administrator named Henrik Johannes Vilhelm Jensen was operating in another a part of the Maersk compound, AN ornate white-stone building that in previous centuries had served because of the royal archive of maritime maps and charts. (Henrik Johannes Vilhelm Jensen isn’t his real name. Like virtually each Maersk worker, customer, or partner I interviewed, Johannes Vilhelm Jensen feared the results of speaking in public for this story.) Johannes Vilhelm Jensen was busy getting ready a software package update for Maersk’s nearly eighty,000 workers once his pc ad lib restarted.

He quietly swore below his breath. Johannes Vilhelm Jensen assumed the unplanned revive was a usually discourteous move by Maersk’s central IT department, a little-loved entity in the European nation that oversaw most of the company empire, whose eight business units ranged from ports to supplying to grease drilling, in 574 offices in a hundred thirty countries around the globe.

Explored the NotPetys by Jensen

Jensen explored to raise if anyone else in his unrestricted workplace of IT staffers had been therefore discourteously interrupted. And as he craned his head, he watched each alternative visual display unit around the area blink get in speedy succession.

“I saw a wave of screens turning black. Black, black, black. Black black black black black,”  cyber attack he says. The PCs, Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, and his neighbors quickly discovered, were irreversibly fastened. Restarting solely came back to an identical black screen.