In the History of Pawn Stars, these are the Most Expensive Purchases Ever!

If you’re a lover of thrift shopping and browsing antique stores, chances are that you’re also a fan of the popular History Channel series, Pawn Stars. The show centers around Rick Harrison’s famed World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and the unique items he and his staff encounter in their choice of trade every day. Usually, the finds are mundane and not worth as much, but once in a while, they come across truly invaluable objects which are worth a lot.

We assure you, you will never look at garage sales after finding the value of some of these items!

1. A 17th Century’s Ship’s Bell

Value: $15,000

When a woman had come across this rusted old bell, she had no qualms about putting it in her yard sale. But thankfully, she had a moment’s hesitation and went to get it looked at World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn. And it turns out, the rusty old bell was actually a bell from a ship than an expert dated at around 1602!

2. 1715 Spanish Fleet Gold Coin

Value: $18,000

This gold coin that Jody owned was an inherited property, and she had always known that it bore some weight. So when she brought to the pawn shop for appraisal, she never expected it to be so valuable! The coin was minted all the way back in 1715 in Peru.

3. Vic Flick’s 1961 Fender Strat

Value: $55,000

The name Vic Flick does not immediately garner recognition, but he is credited with playing the guitar riff in the original soundtrack for the James Bond theme. So when the man himself brought his 1961 Fender Stratocaster Guitar into the pawn shop, it sold at a considerable price.

4. JFK’s Humidor

Value: $60,000

One man had come into possession of a personal cigar box of the late President John F. Kennedy, and he meant business when he came to the pawn shop. With an initial asking price of $95,000, he was eventually haggled down to a lower price. Although, a similar humidor was sold for $575,000 at Sotheby’s in 1996…

5. Edward Curtis Photogravures

Value: $20,000

When a woman came in with a collection of photogravures (a photo produced from etching an image into a copper plate and using gelatin to produce an intaglio print), she hoped to pawn them for a mere $50. But delving deeper, they turned out to be works of famous American photographer Edward Curtis!

6. 2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang

Value: $60,000

Some years ago in 2013, Hertz rental cars and entrepreneur Roger Penske partnered together to create a special limited edition Ford GT Mustangs. There were only 150 such cars created, so when a man came in with such a rare car in tow, they knew they couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

7. Olympic Gold Medals

Value: $30,000

Joe “Jumpin'” Greene is a decorated former Olympian who fell on hard times during the 90s. So he had to turn to the pawn shop to sell off his bronze medals for quick cash. Rick was the one to buy those medals, and he vowed to always treasure them. More than a decade has since passed, and Rick has stayed true to his word.

8. Order of the White Eagle Medallion

Value: $30,000

Here is an instance of the classic ‘garage sale find.’ One fortunate man bought this interesting looking medallion at a yard sale and bought it to the pawn shop to sell it. While it initially sold for $6,000, Rick had a hunch. After an appraisal, they discovered it dated back to the Tsarist occupation of Poland. Rick sold it at five times the price he had bought it for!

9. 1915 Panama Canal Commemorative Coin

Value: $67,500

While most come to pawn off their goods to the pawn shop, one man came in seeking the 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal $50 gold piece. He was willing to shell out $70,000 for it, so Rick jetted off to one of the largest coin auctions in the country in search of the elusive coin. He ended up finding two and sold one to the man.

10. Over 200 Pounds of Silver

Value: $111,000

When one man decided to invest in pure silver more than a decade ago, he followed no more than a hunch. Fortunately for him, it turned out to be a lucrative investment and the value had increased considerably. This purchase turned out to be the biggest ever in the history of Pawn Stars.

11. 1932 Custom Ford Roadster

Value: $68,250

Vehicles of yore are as amazing to look at as they are hard to find. It is more so astonishing to find one in considerably good shape. The flawless 1932, 500-horsepower Custom Ford Roadster had just 450 miles on it when a man had come in to pawn it. Rick realized he had to have the amazing vehicle, and after fierce negotiations, they settled on the hefty price.

12. The Book of Mormon

Value: $24,000

The book pictured is the 5th edition of founder Joseph Smith’s Book of Mormon, and the last one to be printed in his lifetime. Although an expert appraisal placed the book’s value at $40,000, Rick only ended up paying half the estimated price.

13. 1500’s Spanish Gold Bar

Value: $35,000

Sometimes, one doesn’t have to go out to search out valuable items, they can be found in their own attic! One man found a peculiar coin, which he figured to be solid gold, and took it to the pawn shop to determine its value. Once an expert looked at it, it was discovered to be from a 1554 Spanish shipwreck off the coast of Texas.

14. 1922 Proof Peace High Relief Dollar

Value: $80,000

When a lucky man won this 1922 Proof Peace High Relief Dollar coin in a poker bet, he placed it at a value of $20,000. When he took it to the pawn shop for appraisal, it was found only 10-12 of these coins remain in existence. Along with the rarity, came a hefty price tag for the Pawn Stars.

15. 2001 Super Bowl Champion Ring

Value: $2,600

The Pawn Stars came upon this ring in, they knew they had to take possession of it. The 2001 Patriots Super Bowl ring was pawned off by former football player Brock Williams when he fell on hard times. The ring has since become a starring presence in the opening sequence for the show.

16. 1941 Gibson SJ-200 Guitar

Value: $85,000

Another guitar in possession of the Pawn Stars that has a famous owner is Stephen Still’s 1941 Gibson SJ-200 guitar. Stephen Stills is of the Crosby, Stills, and Nash fame, who was a famous folk rock group. After confirming the billing receipt signed by Stills, the Pawn Stars soon had it in their possession.

17. 1932 Lincoln Roadster

Value: $95,000

When the period piece with the 150-horsepower, V-12 engine – in mint condition no less! – rolled up in front of the Pawn Stars, they paid a hefty price to get the beauty of a car in their possession.

18. 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Custom

Value: $90,000

Another guitar, and another famous owner! This one was owned by the multitalented, pioneer of electric guitars, Les Paul! Although it was originally a possession of his wife, Mary Ford, the current owner had asked for a whopping $250,000 for the 1961 Gibson.

19. Diamond Earrings

Value: $40,000

As is an inevitable occurrence in the business, it is not uncommon to stumble upon people trying to pawn stolen goods. One such man came into the shop with a pair of diamond earrings, and the deal went well until Rick found out that they were stolen, the next day. The criminal was prosecuted but Rick’s money was gone.

20. No. 3 Gold Piece

Value: $2,650

Although it may not be valued as much as the other items on the list, it is quite expensive for a single piece of a coin! One of the oldest coins available in the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is 1859 No. 3 gold piece in mint condition.

21. Greek Didrachm

Value: $8,500

Perhaps one of the most valuable coins in their inventory, this Greek didrachm dates all the way back to 325 B.C, during the rule of infamous Greek ruler, Caligula. It’s an honor as well as the most historical piece of item that the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has had.