The Funniest Construction Fails Ever That Will Make You Cry With Laughter!!

Humans can do anything and this story testifies to that. In this world, there are some who are creative and then there are some who go even beyond that. So this story of ours is just about those Construction Fails. We have put together some really ridiculous Construction Fails that people actually did. I bet this is going to be the most hilarious article you will read today. So just sit back and explore the funny Construction Fails of humans.

Ladder That Takes You To Trouble

See You LadderSpot the mistake. Have you found it yet? Well, it’s not that difficult to perceive. Now you must be racking your brain out to figure out the reason behind this queering structure of the ladder. If yes then believe me you are not the only one. What made the constructor build this extraordinary ladder? His absent-mindedness perhaps. Another astonishing fact is that no one made the builder aware of his mistake while he was working on it.

A Station Built On A Track

Some Training RequiredWhat you have to say about this picture? Has it derailed your mind off the track and is about to make you burst into a laugh? Well, this amusing creation does deserve a good sound of laughter and the creator, a good amount of punches. How could he come up with such a mistake? He must have had an earful from his boss. Hope after that he will never repeat such a dreadful mistake in his entire life. The good thing is that this act of carelessness didn’t result in any harm.

Santa Way

In Case Santa Needs To Take A PeakThe owner of this house would have something in his mind while making his fake bedroom that is so visible by this window. Perhaps he wanted to make a convenient alley for the Santa to reach his home via the chimney. But the secret got revealed and now the whole of town knows about this.

Save Water

Water ConservationHave you seen something like this before? The man who has built this iconic sight must have a thing for plumbing. He has built himself a highly comfortable seat where he can spend his hours thinking about anything without having to worry about water wastage. Isn’t it something you should also try? Just Joking. Let’s look at some other Construction Fails!

The Board

Construction sign funnyOne of the best way to warn people without hurting their sentiments. If you are yet to understand the meaning of this board then you better google it out. This board also teaches us to keep patience that we are losing constantly. Have you ever done something like this before?

The Broken Bridge

A Meeting Of The MindsImagine, you are driving on a highway and suddenly you come across a huge gap like shown in the picture, what will you do? You probably would first curse the builder and then would backtrack. Would you not like to take a moment to behold this magnificent sight of mismanagement? Okay, lets put this imagination into the water flowing down this bridge and wonder what builders now do to address this problem?

Mind The Traffic Controller

I’d Stop For HimThe construction workers came up with an amazing idea to put the traffic off their sight. They instead of standing themselves holding a stop sign put this new guy in the work. And this unique idea of theirs indeed did the wonder. People happened to obey him more than the real person. He even smiles when you accept his orders.

The Incomplete Truth

Sing It LoudThis quirky signboard is quite confusing. For what it wants us to be prepared for? Perhaps the only person who knows the answer to this question is the lion imprinted on the board.

Welcoming Intruder

We Can’t Handle ThisThe specialty of this door lies in its door knobs. Do you also have this door handle installed in your house or are planning on installing? If yes then change your knobs or plans. Don’t put them to use because they are nothing more than a trouble. They will not let you go out without messing with them. They hardly pose any trouble to the intruder allowing them to break in easily.

A Door With No Staircase

We Wonder Where This Leads?What could be the purpose of the door that is above the car? It is scaring and interesting both at the same time. Is it a secret door that leads to an unknown destiny or an emergency exit that is known by a few high profile people only. There are so many questions but it seems no door of the answer is going to be opened.

I Have Many Options

Showering At A Friends’ House Like…We like to keep many options in life then why not when taking a shower? In order to take a relaxing bath, we have got to have a perfect mixture of hot and cold water. If you also feel so then here comes this multi-optional bath system at your service. It provides you a number of choices but beware sometimes they can prove fatal to your enjoyment.

Croc At Your Service

What A CrocThe construction workers have to face a lot of problem from technical ones to wild ones. The picture features a crocodile with no workers around. Perhaps they all ran away leaving the rest of the task upon the shoulders of this crocodile.

Up In The Ceiling

Class Is OutLook in the picture, there is someone dangling in the ceiling. That is not a kid but a full grown man. Perhaps he just had got the biggest surprise of his life and did not know how to express it. So decided to show his excitement like this. Quite innovative.

Changing The Way

When There’s A WillWe are taught to make our way and simply pass through the sides when meets something more mighty than us. The construction workers took this philosophy too seriously and inculcated it into their professional values. In this picture, the road has changed its path due to the immovable nature of the pole.

The Weight Of A Point

When You Have A Point to ProveWhen you make a point, you should always be ready to prove them. This man did the same thing. He pitched about the strength of his newly built shelf and went into the shelf to prove that his shelf is actually strong enough to bear it. You hardly come across such true to spirits man.

Taking Things Lightly

Meet Your SupervisorWhen you are new to your workplace, you feel like a fish out of the water. Things worsen if you’re coworker are of different mind and boss is just like a devil. The construction workers experience even more difficult situations. They have to endure the hateful eyes of drivers, ear-piercing honkings and what more. The best way to tackle this situation is to get off the way and let this get on your boss.

Let’s Play Tic-Tac-Toe

What Traffic?Wonder never cease to happen and most often people are the one who makes them happen. This picture needs no explanation. Whereas the traffic is getting slow because of the construction work happening in the neighbor. The construction work seems to be in the mood of entertaining themselves with tic-tac-toe.

Signboard Giving Quirky Signs

Thanks For The WarningSometimes the highly ignored signboards have things to cheer you up. This signboard that talks about the dinosaur on loose certainly has something wrong with it. Perhaps it has got hacked and seems the hacker is a big fan of Jurrasic Park.

The Crane Game

Professional Crane GamerThe crane game is a highly adventurous arcade game that has a long history. The participants are supposed to be trained in hand-eye-crane coordination and a good sense of timing. Once you pull it off you crave for bigger challenges, fancier cranes and bigger rewards. Though how risky this game is but if once is accomplished you never feel so proud of yourself.

 Do It My Way

Don’t Hire This ManThis man seems to be very confident about his working style. Coming from a construction background this belief is required but what’s wrong in getting little suggestions from the people?

We hope you loved these Construction Fails.