List of adorable pets who have stolen the heart of their owner’s partner!

Pets are companions. They give unconditional love to their owners. What if their love replaces the love of the owner’s partner? We know it might sound questionable to you but this has happened in many cases. Have a look at the adorable love shared by pets and owner’s partner!

You are not allowed

This is the satisfied look of eliminating the threat.

Hey, that’s my territory! It was just one of those moments when she kicked her owner out of bed by nudging her and laid next to her partner. She does not regret doing so because she considers that to be her place. It is understood by her expression(scary teeth).

Love at first cuddle

Love at first cuddle.

As known, Prairie dogs enjoy living in grasslands. At the same time, they are one of the best pets to stay with. They are very affectionate and extremely committed to their owners. Here is a prairie who has fallen in love with his owner’s girlfriend. But his love looks adorable and both seem to share a great bond!

Let’s get closeIs there such thing as getting too close?

This picture shows both are in blind love with each other. After looking at this it won’t come as a shock you that guy’s girlfriend questioned their relationship. In fact, she should keep a look on both of them as it looks like she might be replaced by the lovely cat eventually.

He is mine!

You may think he's yours, until you come home from work to this.

Oh, such a warm sleep! She was waiting all day for him to come back home. She wanted her mom to go away so that she can enjoy sleeping with him. Though, sharing the same bed is definitely not a good sign.

Don’t dare to come nearIt definitely looks like she walked into something here.

You have no option, you just have to move out! This is something which this dog is certainly conveying to her man’s girlfriend. The adorable hug of the dog shows she won’t tolerate anyone coming near to her man.

I am your new girlfriend

When your dog can't stand your new girlfriend.

‘I am not going to share my love‘ is the clear message of this dog. One can figure that out by the look she is giving, sitting next to her man. She has literally kicked the owner’s girlfriend out and is trying to give a warning that she should not dare to come near to him. That’s not shocking, this is what possessiveness is.

You will not get the space!

The face when you try to climb into bed with your wife.

It’s an arrogant looking dog, isn’t it? This happens when you want to sleep with your wife and your pets are not ready to share her with you. His expressions clearly give this message to his owner- ‘getaway and look for some different space for yourself’.

Don’t even look at her

It looks as if this dog is learning a bit from Brian Griffin.

It’s pretty visible that pet and his girl are chilling together and enjoying their leisure time. The dog seems to be damn serious about his girl and challenges his owner to try to take his girl away. The way he is sitting keeping his hand on his girl, speaks all about his feeling for her.

Got my happy place

It appears that they've made a bit of a connection.

I have got my pleasure seeking place!- seems to be to this cat’s expression. The cat is enjoying her sleep on the lap of her owner’s boyfriend. The owner should get comfortable with them and let her pet share some time with her boyfriend.

Just You and Me

It may be cute, but think again.

 The picture is very cute but does this guy ever give this look to his girlfriend that he is giving to the cat? This might be the question in his girlfriend’s mind too. One thing is for sure that pets and owner’s guy love spending time with each other and want some private time together.

Such a relaxing day!

The clear look of satisfaction.

The dog’s paw on his chest clearly states that she has fallen madly in his love and want to share most of the time with him. The way she is relaxing shows how much comfortable she is with him.  That’s not wrong too, it’s all love and affection from her side.

She looks like a side chick

The look you get when they think you're the side chick.

Just look at the cat’s expression! It seems she will fight and bite anyone who will come between them.  This appears to be a little unbelievable as the pet has more love for the owner’s husband but that is her affection!

The day Ruby became a boyfriend thief

The day Ruby became a boyfriend thief.

No, Ruby is not threatening anyone! He is just having his leisure time with his boyfriend. It’s just a pose for a picture which reflects his astounding love for his guy.

I will not let him go

At least she knows her dogs loves her boyfriend more.

Look at the way she is holding him. She will never ever let him go with anyone else. Also if her owner comes in between she knows how to hold him tight and not let the owner mess with them.

Ugly kick to the face

Jealousy is an ugly kick to the face.

The dog is very open about his feelings for her owner’s partner. Look at that kick in the face!  It’s quite visible that she is jealous of her owner’s girlfriend. Even the girlfriend is not comfortable with her behavior but has to deal with it.