Someone finally adopted this abused dog

It would be very difficult to forget someone who has saved our lives or given us a chance for a better life. This would apply to all human beings. But what would be going through the minds of animals when such a rescue occurs? Would they even remember someone that has saved their lives? This dog gave quite the reaction.

Can A Life-Saver Be Forgotten?

It would be hard to forget anyone who saves your life right? Do you think it would be an unforgettable experience, even for a puppy? Little Dog’s rescuer was about to searched out. As soon as he opened the door, he wished for some form of recognition and what happened next was beautiful.

The Story Of Mojo The Puppy

In 2013, a story came out of Nova Scotia, Canada, regarding a little doggie named Mojo. The American Staffordshire terrier/pit bull crossbreed would go through life as a bait dog, scared, scarred and tortured.

Life As A Bait Dog

We all know that bait dogs are in constant fear, fighting for their lives. The creatures are usually pitted against some kind of chained wild animal in the name of entertainment. The practice of keeping bait dogs is illegal in both the U.S. and Canada for obvious reasons involving cruelty and abuse.

Falling Ill As He Grew Up

There was a concern for this puppy as people were scared he might not make it to adulthood considering all the physical and mental torture he had endured. The sad upbringing had ultimately led the poor little dog to fall ill and get a health condition that had gone untreated potentially ending his existence.

Contracting A Skin Disease

In fact, Mojo had fallen victim to a skin problem known as Demodicosis, or demodectic mange. Mojo’s illness is caused due to mites, and although most dogs have them, they seldom cause serious problems. There have been a few incidents where the host’s body gets immensely affected to a threatening extent.

A Host With Low Immune System

It would prove to be a serious case for Mojo because of his poor immune system. The disease got to him so badly that he was not only without fur but had sores filling up most of his bare skin. Dog’s rescuer later said The Dodo that the dog’s “whole body was a complete scab.”

A Life-Threatening Illness

The mange was so poor, in fact, that nearly ended little dog Mojo’s life. Luckily for him though, it was at a time like this that he encountered Joey Wagner. As it would happen, Wagner was quite an expert in dealing with animal problems such as this.

With The Help Of Mr. Wagner

Wagner helped found Nova Scotia’s Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society (BSMAS), a non-profit organization who help in the animal rescue. The little guy was under protection by BSMAS and was taken into custody by Wagner. The puppy could be saved just in time.

It Was A Case Of An Emergency

It was beginning to feel like it would take just a few hours for the little puppy to give up. In addition to his potentially lethal case of mange, Mojo was in heavy need of being fed due to his long-lasting starvation. Poor Mojo’s health was deteriorating so quickly that he needed to be rushed to the clinic for medical assistance.

At The Vet

Image result for mojo abused dogThe look the little dog Mojo gave me, I knew that he wanted to survive, Wagner told CBC News in February 2013. “So, we did everything we could.” Mojo was admitted to the Atlantic Veterinary College, under the care of Doctor Tracy Matthews. He was fighting for his life now.

The Doctor’s Words

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He has been doing really well, Matthews said following a week-long treatment they gave the dog. “It is just like in human medicine. A lot of it comes down to the will of the dog to get better and he surely has that in spades.”

Getting Tons Of Offers

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We know that he is going to have a long recovery ahead of him. He will definitely be needing more medicines and more care, the doctor added. For Mojo, there was a silver lining behind all of this. Many offers poured in as people were quite interested in adopting him.

Fewer Things To Worry About

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“He filled the hearts of so many people with love, hope, and forgiveness,” stated a post on the Facebook group Hope For Mojo. The little fighter had a huge fan following, but Mojo’s chronic health problems meant that Wagner couldn’t consider their kind offers. But the problems were quite trivial.

Does He Remember?

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Wagner’s family was already attached to little Mojo. His wife and he ultimately decided to try and adopt the dog, maybe because of all the things they had gone through together. And then the time came for Wagner to reunite with his future pet. Would the dog remember his lifesaver who took him in when he was just a puppy?

The Answer To Wagner’s Doubts

It was a huge sigh of relief because the answer was “Yes!” With a little assistance from the vet, Mojo climbed unsteadily to his feet to greet his old friend. A clip of them reuniting had been uploaded to YouTube where the Mojo’s tail could not stop wagging, jumping about and rejoicing the fact that his savior came back to see him again.

Making A Grown Man Cry

Wagner was overcome with emotions and could not hide them as tears rolled from his eyes. Mojo didn’t just find the strength to toddle over to Wagner and shower him with kisses. Mojo enthusiastically jumped up and onto the man, trying to get as close to him as possible.

Holding On Tightly

Even after Wagner held the dog in his arms, Mojo’s excitement grew even more! He couldn’t stop himself from pitch his paws all over his new owner’s face. From the looks of it all, Mojo did not want to leave Wagner’s embrace, ever again.

One Big Happy Family

Heartwarming Moment When A Pit Bull Puppy Reunites With The Man Who Rescued Him From The Brink Of Death
It was indeed a happy ending for all as Mojo did get adopted by Wagner’s family. Since then, they have been happily living together. Today, little dog very healthy. Even his fur never fully back, he lives a very happy life with the Wagners and his new brothers.”

Recent Activities

Heartwarming Moment When A Pit Bull Puppy Reunites With The Man Who Rescued Him From The Brink Of Death
The group on Facebook updated about Mojo’s likes, reporting that he was doing his best to help save or inspire other rescued abused animals. “He continues to carry out awareness to animal abuse,” “Mojo has his own product items that he sells to keep earning money for Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society.”

A Deeper Heartfelt Message

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This was not the end of the post as it continued by saying, “With the financial support and donations [of the community], they have nearly reached completion of a] extra building needed to house and treat discarded neglected and abused animals. This is a story of ‘the home that loves built.’”