Some Weird Movements In The Garden After The Burglary At Home

A Unique Home Robbery

Home robberies have become so common nowadays. It is often the worst things that can happen to a family. Its after-effects can, in fact, affect the mental health of a person. Resulting in anxiety, stress and any other mental disorders. Something similar was experienced by this family. The burglars had stolen their daughter‘s puppy. A few days later, they noticed something moving in their garden area. Were that the burglars again??

Special November

November 2017 was special for Sardis. The couple gifted a puppy dog to their cute little daughter in November only. The parents, Elena and Ryan were not only ecstatic but also were really looking forward to making this tour even more special for their four-year-old kiddie.

Parents’ Perfect Plan

There were a plethora of options in front of Maia to choose from. She opted for a cute labrador pup, who was just eight-week-old. The Sardis named her Sasha and soon enough she acclimated to her new home. Maia found her new friend and a playmate, in Sasha. The couple thought that since Maia was their only child, who other than a pup would make a better companion to their little girl. And guess what? They were right!

The Invincible Nexus

In just a week, Maia and Sasha developed a great bond between them. They developed a friendly nexus. They were doing all the activities as a team, Maia’s happiness was unmatched since Sasha came in. But, they were unaware that bad times lie ahead of them.

The Robbery

The doctors advised Sardis that once a month, Maia should undergo a routine check-up, which would keep her health parameters updated. One morning, when Elena took Maia to the doctor for her routine check-up, as usual, she didn’t lock the house. She thought that they would be back soon, so why to lock the house? But when she came back, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The house was all messed up, their important possessions were looted. But more importantly, Sasha was nowhere to be seen.


The list of stolen items included: some jewelry, an iPad, a laptop. But more shockingly, when Elena went out to search for Sasha, she was aghast to notice that she was not there. Next, she ran towards the backyard, but it was futile. She realized that Sasha was gone.

Police breaks into the scene

Elena immediately informed the police of the burglary. After the police scrutinized the place, they told Elena that the robbers had taken Sasha as well. The family was shattered by the incident. It was difficult for them to even fathom that someone could even steal a puppy from a little girl.

A Dejected Maia

In an interview with the ABC News Channel, Elena said that the whole family was shell-shocked. They were not able to overcome this situation. But, it had majorly affected Maia. Sasha was like a sibling to her. She was dejected to know that she had lost her, and was still searching for its reason. Would she ever be able to meet Sasha again?

Sardis Never Gave Up

But Sardis never gave up their hope. They were determined to get Sasha back at any cost. Sasha was not just a puppy to them, she was their family member. They posted missing posters of Sasha everywhere in the city. They sent out flyers, took to social media, and involved media into this as well. The family believed that with such efforts, they would definitely find out Sasha.

Sardis was just bothered about Sasha’s Health Now!!

When media comes into play, then it doesn’t take long for a news to create airwaves. The story flared up on every single local news channel and newspapers. The Sardis didn’t bother much about their missing possessions, they just wanted Sasha back. Sasha’s health was their major concern. Sasha was not keeping well for past few days.

Sasha’s Vaccinations were due

According to the Sardi family, Sasha’s vaccinations were due. She hadn’t had any of them till now. The Sardis had taken the appointment of a vet, to get Sahsa’s check-up done. But before that can happen, the robbery happened, and she was gone. Since she was not properly immunized, she was vulnerable to a lot of diseases. If she didn’t get those in time, she might end up getting very ill.

A ray of hope

There was a thing that differentiated Sasha from other dogs. Sasha was microchipped. This seemed to be a ray of hope for the Sardis. So if someone ever took Sasha to a vet, she could be easily identified. Maia was really sad and was missing Sasha badly. She wanted Sasha back. Next, Maia did something unbelievable.

The ‘ADAMANT’ Maia

Ever since the burglary, Maia was not doing well. She was suffering from insomnia. But her hope to find Sasha never diminished. She roamed from street to street along with her father, just to find her puppy. She was very optimistic about finding Sasha back. She was adamant on her quest and never ever gave up on that.

Elena noticed movements in the garden!!

After a few days of the burglary, Elena observed some weird movements in their garden. She peeked outside through the kitchen window. Prima facie she thought the burglars had hit her house again, but a few moments later, she found out that there was someone in Sasha’s kennel.


Elena immediately rushed out into the garden to check who was there in Sasha’s kennel. Getting closer to her kennel, Elena yelled out her name, and to her surprise, she saw Sasha running back to her. Elena hugged her and her eyes were wet. The Sardis were more than happy to have her back. Finally, they got their family member back.

Best Moment of Maia’s Life

The next moment, Elena took Sasha in both her hands, and rushed inside, screaming Maia’s name. As soon as Maia saw Sasha, she ran up to her mother and took Sasha in her arms. Sasha reciprocated by licking Maia’s face. Her wagging tail expressed all the story. Maia was feeling out of the world.

The Sardis rushed to the veterinary

The Sardis wasted no time and took Sasha to the vet. After careful examination, the vet gave Sasha a clean bill of health, and there was nothing to worry about. After proper vaccinations, the Sardis took Sasha home. It was important to take Sasha to vet because Sasha was very prone to various illnesses as she was not vaccinated.

A Thankful Family

While the culprits behind the burglary and Sasha’s disappearance are still roaming free on the streets, the Sardis are really thankful to g0d and most importantly to the person who returned Sasha. At last, Maia got her sibling back.

Learning from Past Mistakes

The Sardis have learned a lesson from the recent incident. Now, whenever they have to go out they always lock their home or lock her inside the home, instead of leaving her inside the kennel in the garden area.