OMG! See this happened when this Flight Attendant heard a strange voice on the intercom

Just imagine, one fine day you get up in the morning to get ready to head towards your workplace and a strange thing is waiting for you to surprise you but at the same time can make you feel excited… How would you react to it? See what happened when this Flight Attendant heard a strange voice on the intercom.

It was strange yet familiar

Well, this time it was the turn for a woman who works as a flight attendant which made her conscious as it was a familiar voice which troubled her.

Let’s take a sneak peek what happened actually…

It happened in the sky

Brandy Hollenbeck always aspired to become a flight attendant and there she was… Finally, she made it to the sky!

She was living in Anchorage, Alaska, Brandy spending most of her time in the sky where she was working with Alaska Airlines.

Yes, her working place was at 34,000 Feet

Definitely, it was exciting on her path, working at 34,000 Feet… But it is truly said that life can change any point of time. That’s what happened with Brandy Hollenbeck who works as a flight attendant, but one fine day in 2015, a strange thing happened which changed her entire life…

A strange voice in the mid of the working mode

She was working on the “milk run” which is referred to as transporting the essential goods to the rural Alaskan communities. The plane was planned to take off, where Brandy began her day serving refreshments to her passengers.

But right there a strange voice came through the intercom which made her conscious…

Let’s walk from the starting

The voice which was quite familiar to her but all her attempts to catch hold the person behind the voice was gone all in vain… He began telling a romantic tale to the passengers. All the passengers were occupied imagining the fairy love story narrated by the strange voice on the intercom. At the same time, Brandy continued with her work.

But only one question which was revolving all around her head would be who is the person behind the intercom?

Let the story begin

The known-yet-unknown men started a magical tale, where he narrated how her mother met a wise lady one fine day.  Then, with the help of almighty, he also made a chance to meet that lady.

Can this instance change the life of both lives?

A story which can revive anyone

Further to this, the man continued, about a couple of years back, I met a gorgeous sagacious lady flight attendant, who was sitting and enjoying her double cheeseburger… That was the moment which changed my life and I decided to bring this woman into my life.”

But will he gain all the courage to start a convo with her? Will be or will he not?

She was the one for him

For him, she was the one for him as a flight attendant who got so much courage to have a huge cheeseburger in the airport terminal was the woman he wanted to know…

In a bid to know a bit more about her, he made a brave move and started walking towards her to introduce himself. It is then said it was the day which changed their life…

The fairy tale love begins

The man narrated the whole fairy tale to the passengers where he remarked it as a “roller coaster romance”. He wanted the whole world to know his fairytale love story, where he chose a perfect stage to narrate his story right 34,000 Feet away from the ground.

For him, he was meeting the woman of his dreams.

…and every minute was difficult for Brandy

Yes, it was true… every minute was proving to be difficult for her unaware of the fact that just one plane journey would change her life.

Later, she admitted that while she was serving coffee to her passengers, the story made her realized she was familiar with this before… but she continued to attend her passengers.

Then a proposal which changed her life 

…and suddenly it was heard “Brandy Hollenbeck, I’ve loved you since the first moment I met you, and I want to be the man for you for the rest of your life.”

Who was the man behind the intercom?

It was a heavy moment for her with mixed of emotions, where she was excited yet trying hard to control her tears after seeing his man in front of her, who was narrating their love story to the passengers…. He was her pilot boyfriend Eric Greener, who was the man behind the intercom….

It was the moment when anyone’s heart could have been melted with joy… But would it be yes or no for Eric Greener?

Without wasting any second, she ran for his man of her life

She couldn’t control her emotions and without wasting any minute or second, he ran towards him and hugged her man of her dreams.

Following this, all the passengers present on the flight applaud the loving couple and waited for Brandy’s answer. But she planned to keep them in suspense.

The decision time….    

While living the moment, where the love of your life becomes romantic to make you feel special, narrating your whole fairy tale love story to the world and giving you the flashback of all the special moments spent together will obviously make you excited…

That’s what happened with the Brandy, where she forgets to say “Yes”, but agreed to marry him…

In an interview with an Inside Edition, Brandy Hollenbeck confirms she forgot to say “Yes”. Now we can imagine how excited she was….

The planning of the proposal…

Eric Greener revealed that he planned the proposal a night before and included Brandy’s fellow flight attendants in the plan to give her the best surprise of her life.

Well, this was the story of Brandy and Eric which will definitely melt your heart…