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See How These Celebrities Reduced their weight and Went From Fat To Fit

Here are 25 of the most shocking celebrity transformations you will ever see! These are celebrities that for one reason or another decided they wanted to lose their excess weight.

Besides being shocked, you will feel inspired to do the same, if you need to. The list also talks about how these celebrities did it. The reason varies from person to person but mostly it’s because they were strongly motivated and made changes in their diet and exercise.

This does not mean that you should do this to lose weight. It just means there are several paths you can take to achieve your goal weight!

Jonah Hill

Images of Jonah Hill before and after the weight loss

Jonah Hill is mostly famous due to his parts in comedies. However, he also participated in dramas like Moneyball. It was Brad Pitt in that movie that incited him to start losing weight. He then weighed 250 pounds. Apparently, due to workouts and a low-carb diet, he lost 50 pounds.

Queen Latifah

Photo of Queen Latifah who lost weight thanks to Jenny Craig Method

Queen Latifah wants to be a good role model for her fans and that is why the singer and actress decided to lose some of her excess weight. She used the Jenny Craig system to lose 30 pounds, becoming one of its spokespeople.

Chris Pratt

Photo of Chris Pratt who lost weight thanks to paleo diet and crossfit

Failing at landing the role of Scott Hatteberg in Moneyball due to his weight was all the encouragement Chris Pratt needed to do some changes. He changed to a Paleo diet and started practicing CrossFit. After losing 30 of his 280 pounds, he got the part he wanted. Scott was even nominated by People as the second-sexiest man alive in 2014.

Jessica Simpson

Photos of Jessica Simpson who shed 60 lbs

Jessica Simpson put on some weight after her second pregnancy. She joined Weight Watchers and lost 60 pounds. Since then she has adopted a vegan diet that is said to have helped her losing even more weight.

Star Jones

Photo of Star Jones who lost weight after gastric bypass surgery

This woman lost 160 pounds! Star Jones was a New York prosecutor, an NBC correspondent and then spent nine years on The View. At 300 pounds, she became concerned about what her weight might do to her health and decided it was time to stop it. She went through gastric bypass surgery, lost 160 pounds, improved her diet and started exercising regularly.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Images of Nicole Snooki Polizzi before and after the weight loss

Snooki was overweight even though her weight was only 150 pounds. She is only 4′ 8” tall. Due to several changes in her lifestyle, Jersey Shore star was able to lose more than 50 pounds. She eliminated alcoholic beverages, started working out regularly and kept her eyes on calories.

Jennifer Hudson

Images of Jennifer Hudson before and after the weight loss

Jessica Hudson’s talent may not have been enough to win American Idol in 2004 but it got her an Oscar for Dreamgirls. The actress and singer lost 80 pounds in 4 years after becoming a spokesperson for Weight Watchers in 2010.

Zach Galifianakis

Photo of Zach Galifianakis who lost 60 lbs

Zach Galifianakis is one funny comedian! He has worked towards losing some of his excess weight for some years and did manage to do so. The actor started by quitting alcohol, changed his diet and finally got into a regular exercise schedule. Galifianakis has lost over 60 pounds!

John Goodman

Photos of John Goodman who lost 100 lbs

John Goodman hit the filming industry when he played Dan on Roseanne, in 1988. Due to his weight, Goodman was always cast as a “big guy“. He decided to change that and started implementing diet changes and an exercise routine. He lost 100 pounds in total and keeps a controlled weight!

Oprah Winfrey

Photo of Oprah Winfrey who blames whit bread for her weight gain

Oprah has always had trouble keeping her weight under control. She is the  Queen of media but can’t seem to be able to control those carbs, in particular, the bread. After reaching 237 pounds in 1990, she managed to bring her weight back down to 160 by 2000. After that she gained most of it again, going back to over 200 pounds. It was due to Weight Watchers that she lost 30 pounds recently.

Aretha Franklin

Photo of Aretha Franklin who cut out the processed foods

Aretha Franklin is a best-selling singer. She was the first female in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, she was not as successful in controlling her weight as she was at singing. Aretha kept gaining weight until she was over 300 pounds. After being diagnosed with diabetes, she decided to make a change. She cut out fried and a lot of processed foods. So far, she has lost over 80 pounds!

Tom Arnold

Photo of Tom Arnold who lost 30 pounds by cutting on carbs

It was not until he became a father that Tom Arnold decided to do something about his weight. He is a television star who had always been overweight. After deciding to get healthy, Tom started eliminating carbs, counting his calories and exercising almost daily. He did lose over 100 pounds.

Ricky Gervais

Photo of Ricky Gervais who was overweight in The Office

Ricky Gervais is the creator of the successful series The Office. Even though he wanted to be a pop singer, he did a pretty great job as a comedian! The British man hosted the 2011 Golden Globes and then decided to lose some of his excess weight. He stopped eating snacks and started running. Gervais dropped 40 pounds. It is said that his motivation is looking at old pictures of himself.

Ruben Studdard

Images of Ruben Studdard before and after the weight loss

Ruben Studdard is the winner of the second season of American Idol. He is 6’3″ and weighed 462 pounds. He joined The Biggest Loser in 2013 and managed to lose 119 pounds. Studdard did not stop then and kept is weight-journey going.

Perez Hilton

Images of Perez Hilton before and after the weight loss

Perez Hilton is a celebrity blogger. However, it does not seem like he was initially able to cope with all the hours spent sitting at his computer. The consequence was an increase in his weight that he decided to lose. He lost 70 pounds with cardio, including cycling, and yoga!

Lauren Alaina

Images of Lauren Alaina before and after the weight loss

Lauren Alaina finished second on the 2011 American Idol. She has produced several singles that made it to the top 40 USA chart positions. After deciding to solve her weight issues, Lauren lost 40 pounds! She did so with a different diet (low-carb, high-protein), improved control of her intake and working out at the gym.

Ronnie Ortiz

Images of Ronnie Ortiz before and after the weight loss

Ronnie Ortiz starred on MTV’s Jersey Shore for six seasons. Following some health issues related to kidney stones, Ortiz gained a significant amount of weight. That is not the end of the story though. With five to six weeks of workouts, including both cardio and weightlifting, he managed to lose fat and gain muscle.

Drew Carey

Photo of Drew Carey who cured his diabetes by correcting his lifestyle

Drew Carey broke into the business with The Drew Carey Show and then established himself with Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Price is Right. What started his weight-journey was the shock of undergoing heart surgery and being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He decided he wanted to be healthy and improved both his diet and his exercise routine. His six workouts a week paid off and he lost 80 pounds, improving his health status as well as his appearance.

Adam Richman

Images of Adam Richman before and after the weight loss

Adam Richman is known for his TV soap opera parts and the TV series Joan of Arcadia. He also created Man v. Food, his own TV show on Travel Channel. All the traveling, sampling regional dishes and taking up of eating challenges, did not do good to his figure. Even though he gained considerable amounts of weight during those four years, he came around. He adopted a training routine similar to those of soccer players along with a vegan diet and managed to lose 70 pounds!

Chaka Khan

Images of Chaka Khan before and after the weight loss

Chaka Khan is called the Queen of Funk. In 2014 she decided she wanted to make a change in order to improve her health status. She had issues with her weight caused majorly because of diabetes and high blood pressure. In order to tackle those problems, she changed to a plant-based diet and started working out at the gym. She dropped 60 pounds!

Alec Baldwin

Images of Alec Baldwin before and after the weight loss

Alec Baldwin changed to a healthier lifestyle and lost 40 pounds. The actor found his motivation in 2011 when he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. All his success in Broadway, television, and film means that he can achieve what he puts on his mind. He stopped eating sugar, changed to a low-carb diet and started working out (Pilates and spinning).

Chaz Bono

Images of Chaz Bono before and after the weight loss

Chaz Bono has a beautiful story to be told. He is Sonny’s and Cher’s child. Originally he was named Chastity as he was a girl but in 2008 became his true self, a transgender man. It was Dancing with the Stars that boosted his weight-journey. Through improved diet and dancing a lot, Chaz lost 85 pounds! He controlled his stress-eating habits, kept clear of junk food and stuck with a diet composed of veggies, nuts, fruit, and meat.

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks Weight Loss

Jordin Sparks is a successful woman. She won 2007 American Idol at the early age of 17, becoming the youngest winner ever. It was only in 2013 that she decided to start losing some of her excess weight. She improved her eating habits and hired a personal trainer. Working out five days per week, Jordin lost 50 pounds!

Mama June

Images of Mama June before and after the weight loss

Mama June had her first child when she was only 15. June could not lose the weight she gained during that pregnancy and did not control her weight until she was 33. She then decided it was more important to be there for her grandchildren than to keep her poor diet. After making a change, she lost 100 pounds! She is drinking way less soda now.

Sara Rue

Sara Rue Weight Loss

After becoming a Jenny Craig’s spokesperson, Sara Rue lost 50 pounds! Besides losing that excess weight she proved that being a mother is not an excuse to keep the baby weight. She had a baby in 2013 and manage to maintain her weight.