You Never Knew These Surprising Secrets About The Air Force

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Air Force One is widely known for carrying the President of America. But not many people know that this aircraft has stashed away many secrets. Let us find out what are the secrets of this magnificent plane by traveling through the different times that accumulated.  Now, Kindly fasten your seatbelt and get ready!

The  Origin

buzzmic,news,viral,plane,air force, secretsAir Force One is the official transport of POTUS. It is also considered the symbol of power and influence of the U.S. president. The idea of having a particular flying transport for the president was originated in 1943.

A House

buzzmic ,plane,airforce, sky,tour,secretsThis plane has all the qualities to be called a house. It has adequate and luxurious rooms for the president and all the government officials, press and their luggage.

Plane With Two Levels

Unlike the two leveled passengers Boeing 747, the Air Force One is divided into three levels. Whereas the President stays on the second level, the press people occupy the first floor.

Two Air Force One

There are two Air Force Ones. Whereas the main Air Force One is always used in flying, the second 747-200B works as a backup coverage. The president is free to travel in any of the two.

Nobody Knew

In emergency situations, the president can be evacuated with the help of three presidential aircraft. However, we know about the first two aircraft i.e. both Airforce ones. The third aircraft that is hardly mentioned anywhere is the Gulfstream C-20C. Even on the Air Force’s website, the name of this aircraft is missing.

Medical Aid

The aircraft is nothing but a flying house. It has all the needful and luxurious services including medical services.

Unbelievable Speed

Boeing 747 has a phenomenal speed of 650 miles per hour. Previously it has flown with a speed of more than 700 miles.

Very Heavy

This can give you a tour of half of the world in one drive. This giant airship has the fuel of 53,000 gallons. Naturally, the heavy fuel makes it heavier that weighs up to 800,000 pounds.

High Fly

A Boeing can fly really high. It can soar up to 45,000 feet and above. That is to say that it surpasses most of the commercial aircraft by flying 10,o00 feet above them.

 Nuclear Resistant

The Airforce One is equipped with every kind of defense mechanism just not that it also is its own nuclear defense stronghold. Amazing, right?

Refueling And Flying Simultaneously

Though how unbelievable it may sound to you but is the complete truth. The question is how do they do this? Well, they top the flying Air Force One with another aircraft that stick out its hose down to the Boeing.

Not Only The President

It is not the only POTUS who enjoys the luxurious ride of this gigantic, luxurious plane. Along with him the group of advisors, journalists, secret service members, and senior officials gets on the plane while moving to some other place.

A Couple Of Kitchens

I wonder if there is anything that this plane doesn’t have. 747  has two kitchens. Yes, you heard right. The kitchens provide enough foodstuff to satiate the hunger of about 100 people at one time.


Secretary of State Allen Dulles in 1959 equipped the wheels of aircraft with cameras. The lenses of the camera were so strong that it could easily differentiate license plates from the distance of 30,000 feet. The airport located in Washington D.C. has its name after Allen Dulles.

Multiple Phones

The plane also has a telephonic service. There is not one or two but more than 85 phone on the airplane. Many of them are used at the same time.

Jelly House

Feeling Hungry? Why not have some jelly. This plane may run out of anything but can’t fall short of jellies. The former president Reagan relished jellies a lot and made sure that there is always a bowl of jelly in the plane.

Smuggling In 747

Just like President Reagon this former president too had a liking for something. No, not jelly he enjoyed having Coors beer.  No need to mention, having a Coor Bear at his time was not an ordinary thing. But being the president of America you just are entitled to do extraordinary things so did Gerald. His plane was used for the smuggling of Coor bear by some of the members of his team. Interesting!

Banning Broccoli

The plane once had boycotted broccoli. Yes, this is true the then president George HW Bush never like broccoli so he banned broccoli from the Air Force One. This ban was in force until his tenure lasted. Simply Unbelievable!


Let me tell you many special features of this plane, you can’t trace its path as its nuclear proof it has the ability to jam radars of all the world.


Air Force One is equally helpful in emergency situation This amazing plane is always ready with its various types of equipment to serve in terrorist attacks. The president and his team are completely safe under it.

Mobile Bunker

Air Force can also work as a mobile bunker. It doubles up when it turns into a mobile bunker.

Very Spacious

This plane can accommodate more than 70 people conveniently. The commuters couldn’t be happier with this magnificent mode of transportation serves in every possible way ranging from kitchen, hospitals to ever random stuff.

Availability Of Doctor

Just not a medical room it also has a well-versed doctor. So, you feel sick you will be attended in a matter of a minute.

Privileges It Gets

Though this plane takes off and lands on the same runway as other commercial planes do. This extraordinary plane is given extraordinary treatment. For instance, before the plane hits the runway the whole of the path is cleared.

Highly Expensive

The 747 requires high maintenance. Every good thing comes with a bigger expense. This can also be said about this plane. A short trip on this plane around America costs $250,000. It took more than half a billion dollars in making of this plane of which $140 million was given by the U.S. Airforce.

Another perk of being President of U.S. is traveling in this amazing aircraft that we usually overlook. Perhaps that’s why it is called the “floating house”. To put it in a nutshell,  The Air Force One is a perfect example of perfection. Right?