Meet the World’s Most Beautiful Horse Frederick

“Real-life Black Beauty”, “Storybook Stallion”, or “Fabio of Horses”, these are some of the famous nicknames people use when pertaining to Frederick the great, a 16-year-old Friesian stallion and proud holder of the title which is unofficial – “world’s most beautiful horse”.

Born in The Netherlands(Holland), Frederick was imported into the United States of America by Stacy Nazario, owner of Pinnacle Friesians, a horse farm in Arkansas, when he was six years old. Nazario said that she knew there was something special about him the first time she saw him, and her instincts evidenced correct, as Frederick grew into an impressive specimen that has been known to make other humans jealous of his stunning looks.

Photos of Frederick the great went viral last summer, after being shared thousands of times on numerous social media platforms. people simply couldn’t believe how beautiful he looked, together with his muscular body, shiny coat and a flowing black mane that appeared to dance in the wind, and some were convinced that he was out and away the most stunning horse on the earth. That’s how Frederick the great got his titles of “world’s most handsome stallion” and “world’s most beautiful horse”

Frederick’s breakout year might have been 2016, Stacy Nazario says that her stunning Friesian has had a loyal following for many years. “He’s continuously been popular with his fanbase,” she told The Guardian, last year. “Before this, his videos and his pictures are everywhere. He’s got fans from everywhere the world.”

According to his owner, Frederick is kind of conscious of his beauty and loves nothing more than to be the center of attention throughout dressage competitions.

“He lights up once he’s in the arena or once there’s photography happening. It’s nearly like looking at a star, you know, the difference between when they’re at home and below the lights,” Nazario said.

But despite being compared to the equine version of a hot-blooded hunk, Frederick the great is seemingly a really gentle giant, with a mellow temperament. “His temperament is nice. I could place a baby right next to him and he would simply be gentle with it. He’s a delicate giant,” Stacy Nazario said. “He’s that gentle and sweet of a horse, which is implanted in his personality, which will not change.”

Last year, at the peak of his online popularity, Frederick the great had a banging 40,000 fans on Facebook. Today, he has over 72,000 and new ones are clicking that “like” button daily.

With dozens of photo and video shoots, and different media commitments, also as many offers to look in movies, the last year was a really busy one for the world’s most handsome stallion, however, he might shortly find himself having to share the spotlight. His 1st offspring was born in August 2015, and he reportedly shares his father’s desirable physical attributes.