Meet Brazil’s Sand King, Living In A Sand Castle He built On The Beach

Throughout the previous 22 years, Brazil’s Marcio Mizael Matolias has abstained from paying rent, or any bills so far as that is concerned, in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most lofty neighborhoods, Barra da Tijuca. How? By living in a sandcastle that he manufactured himself on a beach.

For more than two decades, 44-year-old Matolias, referred to by local people as ‘Ruler Marcio’, has lived in a sandcastle on the shoreline of Barra da Tijuca. Satisfying his name, Matolias constructed a regal royal position for himself outside his sandcastle and can generally be seen wearing a plastic crown and conveying a stopgap staff.

Enhancing sandcastles or statues are a typical sight along the primary shorelines in Rio de Janeiro, which are made into vacation destinations by local people who exchange photo opportunities for spare change. In any case, Matolias is the first to assemble a sandcastle as a home and his endeavors mirror the truth of high living costs for huge numbers of Rio’s people.

Matolias seems content with his decision of living. ‘I experienced childhood in the Bay of Guanabara, I generally lived on the shoreline’, Matolias told the UK’s The Mirror. ‘Individuals pay over the top rents to live before the ocean, I don’t have bills and here I have a decent life.’

To keep up the sandcastle’s dividers and turrets, Matolias needs to consistently water the sides of his mansion to keep the fine sand from disintegrating in the city’s all year tropical atmosphere. He needs tolerance as well—a solitary typhoon can demolish the whole sandcastle in only minutes, constraining him to reconstruct the structure starting with no outside help. Having done this for a long time, he has turned out to be proficiently reconstructing his sandcastle and his work has grabbed the eye of a nearby shopping center that occasionally procures him to manufacture beautiful sand pieces for their showcases.

Matolias told he figured out how to construct sandcastles through a companion and through reading books—one of his greatest interests. His different side interests incorporate golf and angling and he keeps accumulations of books, golf clubs and fishing bars. And keeping in mind that the sandcastle has all the earmarks of being pompous outwardly, its exterior covers the minor room inside. Matolias’ three-square-meter (32-square-foot) room, which is heaped from floor to roof with his couple of assets (generally books), is upheld by wooden shafts. His restroom is a close-by lifeguard shack where he is also able to take a bath.

Ruler Marcio has turned into a neighborhood big name and fascination; inquisitive travelers go by to take photographs of the ‘lord’ and his bizarre home. Matolias gives them a chance to sit on the royal position or he cheerfully sits down and models for photographs. Now and again, visitors leave cash (however not generally), which is the way he profits.

His adoration for books likewise encourages him make a little pay. Only by his palace, a table sits heaped with books where passers-by can shop and purchase, giving whatever value they feel is sensible. Over the books is an indication that peruses ‘Get a book and contribute in the case with the goal that this activity doesn’t end’.

Matolias allegedly said that the main drawback to his castle is that the sand holds in warmth, and with summer temperatures in Rio taking off to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), dozing can end up inconceivable. On the hot days, he remains with a companion, however he wants to be by the ocean and doesn’t expect to leave his royal residence on the shore at any point in the near future.