Kim Kardashian cries ‘Turquoise Tears’ in topless photo for a brand

Some of her followers may have shocked to see Kim Kardashian posing in the buff in aid of her eye collection Flashing Lights.Kim Kardashian cries 'Turquoise Tears'
But Kim Kardashian, who posted a topless snapshot to Instagram during the day on Friday, continued doing so into the evening.
The 37-year-old put her hands over her bust in order to not violate Instagram‘s Community Guidelines as she posed against a cosmic backdrop.
Glistening blue tears rained down from both the eyes of Kim Kardashian, digitally added later to the snapshot by photographer David LaChapelle.

Kim Kardashian, who had her hair styling done by Chris Appleton and her makeup by Sam Visser, wrote: ‘Turquoise Tears’ in her caption before plugging the makeup line.
The reality queen, who will turn 38 on Sunday, showcased her ample cleavage as Kim Kardashian cozied up to a muscular male model in another campaign shot for her Flashing Lights Collection, shot by David LaChapelle.

Striking a sultry pose, the brunette beauty let Kim Kardashian tousled raven locks cascade down her chest on to her taut midriff, protecting her modesty in the Lady Godiva inspired shoot.
Oozing confidence, the star was embraced by a male model, who had a white dove resting on his hand. The star tenderly held his hand as she pointed up into the sky.
Her stunning features were enhanced with 60’s style powder and navy eyeshadows, with feline flicks of liner accentuating her peepers.

Kim Kardashian poses with a naked male model to plug new makeup

The diva, was almost naked as she covered her partial chest with her fingers and had only the corner of a silver sheer over her lower half.

Immediately her followers went wild with comments with one saying, ‘U have a husband and kids!’ and another asking, ‘Is she selling b**bs or something?’

A third fan said she was ‘spicy’ as another added the ‘flashing lights’ makeup name was very appropriate. And one especially harsh critic wrote: ‘This was the only idea you could come up with to advertise eye shadow?’

Her caption read, ‘A little silver eye this morning!’ The new makeup collection goes on sale Friday.