“Goodbye, my darling” broken-hearted father gives last kiss to daughter killed by her mom

“Child Abuse” is the biggest issue of present times which usually takes place between father & offspring. But there are moms too who fail as a mother & can prove fatal to their children.

While the concept of unconditional motherly love might be ingrained on us as a society, there are mothers who fall far short of what it means to be a truly good parent. When a couple separates they need to keep in mind & take best care of their child’s interests. But this chilling tale is a reminder of the consequences when they are not.

Senad and his wife Sanda separated last year and when Sanda decided to move out to be with her new boyfriend, things took a very frightening turn. Her new boyfriend also had a children of his own and they decided that they would blend their families and start a life together.

Arina, Senad and Sanda’s third daughter, chose to live with her mother and one day, her father noticed suspicious bruising on his child. Social services did not find any thing mysterious, but when Arina sustained further injuries, the police found that they were not satisfied with her mother’s story of incidents.

Sanda and her boyfriend were charged with several offenses in the case and unfortunately, the little girl eventually passed away as a result of her injuries. Her father was able to give her one last kiss before she passed away and the aforementioned couple has been imprisoned for their misdeeds.

Please share this story, so that awareness can be raised about the prevalence of child abuse. No child deserves to die at the hands of a loved one that they trust implicitly. We all should join hands together to make sure there are none like this in the future.