Dog Wearing GoPro Is Attacked By Wolves

A video camera is usually used to capture the memorable moments of our life so that we can relive and cherish them forever. But, what this GoPro camera captured strapped on a dog’s back is surely one that dog owner would not want to revisit again in his life. Good for a one time watch though…

Taking advantage of the moose season

With moose season on its high, Tommy Berglund and his pet, a Swedish Elkhound, Klara, recently went out to enjoy the day on a hunt in the forest, just as they did it earlier. It started as an otherwise ordinary day for both of them, but soon the scenario changed, which made it extraordinary.

Klara ran into a wolf

Enjoying the surrounding excited Klara sprinted ahead, and just so as not to lose the sight of her,  Tommy was walking briskly behind her. Any dog owner would tell you that pups love to run here and there, especially when they like the environment. But Tommy didn’t know Klara would run into something as dangerous as this: an angry wolf.

Entire Incident was recorded on Tommy’s GoPro Camera

The entire incident was recorded on Tommy’s GoPro video camera, which he strapped to Klara’s back in the morning. Only with the help of that camera, we are able to see this incredible case closely. These horrific images were picked up directly from the footage Klara recorded.

Klara and Wolf Exchanges looks

One would have thought that an animal like a wolf, who has the ability to kill a tiger, would have easily bullied Klara, or even attacked her if provoked to do so. But after a few initial exchanges of looks between the two, the wolf seemed to have stepped back… or wolf was preparing something else.

Klara continued on her path

Klara didn’t seem afraid at all by this face to face encounter with the wolf, and she normally continued to roam in the forest, as she was doing earlier. No problems here! I guess I will keep looking for moose. she must have been thinking. But that was strange. She didn’t think much about the wolf.

The encounter was still not over

Soon Klara came to know that she wasn’t dwelling alone at all. The dog was followed by the wolf but she continued her search for the moose. Ignoring the wolf, she was moving around the forest as nothing had happened. But, her previous encounter with the wolf was still not over.

A Brave Dog Klara

Klara knew that the wolf was there around her. But she was not aware that whether her life was in danger or if the wolf was also searching for the moose. To defend herself Klara exposed her teeth to the wolf, signaling him that she was not scared of him and if needed, she would fight with him as well.

Wolf had sinister plans

Surprisingly, at first, the wolf hid behind a tree. Anyone would have thought the wolf got scared of Klara and he was trying to hide. But that was not the case. The wolf had other plans on his mind, which could be dangerous for Klara, but Klara was prepared for everything.

Klara stood her ground

Then, the wolf finally jumped in Klara’s direction. Most of the dogs or anyone would have been scared by this only, but Klara stood her ground. For humans, just a thought of wolf would give goosebumps. But Klara was definitely brave enough to face the situation.

Swedish Elkhounds are ferocious hunters

For the records, Swedish Elkhounds are loyal dogs, but they are also great and ferocious hunters. Might be these characteristics were the reason Klara was not afraid of the wolf. They are always ready to fight. And to wolf’s surprise, she was ready for the kill. Both were again facing each other.

A Vicious Battle

The encounter only got even more intense from there. It was a vicious battle between a brave Klara and the wolf who belonged to the same species. The wolf jumped in her direction once again, and in order to save herself from the wolf’s attack, she jumped away in the other direction.

Klara had some moves of her own

The wolf first tried to attack and weaken Klara with small but danger moves. Fortunately, Klara had some innate astute moves of her own, and she used them to exude the angry wolf that she would not back down. “Not so fast,” her actions seemed to say. “More than one can play this game…”

The Wolf Backed Down

After a while, wolf seemed to back down and it looked like Klara had won the battle. She must have felt really great about herself for fighting the wolf. Was that the end of the fight? Or the angry wolf would strike back in order to attack Klara. What happened next was not anticipated by Klara.

Wolf Strikes Back

Just when it seemed like that it was all over. The wolf struck back. It would have been really irritating for Klara. But she was not going to back down as well. She was determined to fight till she dies. And the brawl continued. But this time wolf came up with his pack. Would Klara give up now?

The Wolf And His Pack Close In On Klara

This time, the wolf came with his pack. It doesn’t seem Klara would even stand a chance against these ferocious predators, but she didn’t give up. In fact, she was a warrior herself.  The other wolves started to inch closer towards her, things were going bad to worse for Klara.

Game Over For Klara??

Klara was surrounded by the pack. One of the wolves then began to circle Klara in order to engulf her attention. It seemed that now the game was over for Klara.  The poor Swedish Elkhound was merely staring at them. Would she be able to survive such difficult situation??

Wolves Disperse In The Forest

Incredibly, after a while, the pack of wolves scattered in the various directions of the forest. Leaving Klara on the ground. She would have been in a lot of sorrow. It was a miracle that she was still alive and a warrior. Klara proved that she was a brave fighter and not an easy nut to crack.