Before And After Look Of These Dogs That Have Survived A Misfortune Will Touch Your Heart

Everyone needs love and care during their time on earth. This applies to pets as well. Love is said to be able to heal any sickness or surpass any obstacle in life. Here is a list of dogs that have proven this very fact. Through the love and affection of their rescuers, these dogs have managed to get better after being put through hell. You will surely feel for them.

The Starving Dog

Starving Dog Who Couldn’t Stand Up Makes An Incredible Transformation After 7 Weeks Of Treatment

This dog had been starving for so long to the point where it was unable to stand on his legs. After getting 7 weeks of medical care and attention, it became healthier than ever. Just look at him!

The Little Firefighter

A Puppy, Who Was Saved From A Fire And Suffered Burns To 75% Of His Body, Including His Paw Pads, Was Adopted By A Firefighter And Became One Too

This puppy had survived a severe burn that covered 75% of his whole body. Its paws were burnt pretty bad but luckily got adopted by a firefighter. He also serves as a firefighter now.

Coconut The Survivor

My Friend Rescued Coconut. Three Months After He Looks Like This

This dog had been rescued after being spotted almost dying because of malnutrition and starvation. He was taken care of for three months and visibly got better and is now named Coconut.

Won Over Scaly Mange

Our Rescued Dog Augustus Full Of Scabby Mange Before And Now

This dog named Augustus was fully covered in scaly mange when it was rescued. He was immediately given whatever he needed to get medically and is now very healthy and happy.

Belly Rubs Please

Dog Who Turned To Stone From Mange Was Afraid Of Human Touch, Now Demands Belly Rubs

This dog when adopted, was covered in scaly mange and was very fearful of any human contact. He is now extremely friendly and actually demands to get belly rubs form others.

A Remarkable Change

Tied Up Outside Store, Abandoned, Suffering From Severe Mange And An Eye Infection, This Pitbull Is Unrecognizable Now

When this dog was rescued, he was tied to the outside of a store and had many health problems. He was covered in mange and was even suffering an eye infection. The progress it has made is incredible and nice to see.

Miley’s New Life

Miley Was Found Living In A Trash Pile, Severely Injured And Barely Able To Walk. Now She Is Happy And Healthy, Living In A New Home

This dog named Miley was found lying in a pile of garbage. Because it had a lot of injuries, it could barely walk and was mange infested as well. She now has a new owner who spoils her and gives her more than the love she ever needed.

Just 3 Months

My Wife And I Saw Her Shared On Facebook Asking For Someone To Save Her From The Pound. She Was 3-Months-Old Had Demodectic Mange Over Most Of Her Body, A Terrible Skin Infection And Pneumonia. This Is How She Looks About 2 1/2 Months After

This pup was adopted after an online post had been made asking anyone to adopt her. She has demodectic mange covering her body, plus pneumonia. After just 3 months, the dog now looks better than ever and is happily residing in a new home.

Friendly In The End

This Is Little Copeland Before And After Rescue

When this dog was rescued, he was covered in mange and did not even want to properly communicate. After his rescue, he became so friendly and lovable that an adopted quickly took him.

Magic Makeover

This Poor Guy Was Found In The Streets Of Montreal Looking So Filthy That It Was Hard To Tell That He Was Actually A Dog. But Look How Charming He Seems After His Cleanup

This little fellow was found on the streets of Montreal. Since he was so dirty and fluffed up in the dirt, no one could tell straight away that he was even a dog. After he had proper grooming, he looks irresistibly cute that adopters did come swarming.

Kelsey’s Miracle Rescue

Kelsey Was Found Infested With Parasites And Starving, But Then She Met A Kind Stranger Who Somehow Convinced Kelsey To Get Into His Car. Now She Has A Home

Kelsey was initially found very dirty, tired and covered with parasites. Her rescuer felt so bad and requested her to get in his car so that he could take care of her. The rest was history and now she is happy with her new family.

Real Food This Time

Starving Dog Who Survived By Eating Twigs And Rocks Gets His Happily Ever After

This dog had been craving for some food to eat, living off of rocks and twigs on the roadside. The rescuer fell in love with him and took him home and took proper care of him, feeding him proper meals. See how beautiful he looks!

Surviving Fire

Set On Fire And Used As A Bait Dog As A Young Puppy, Hudson Was Adopted Into A Wonderful Home

This dog was used as a bait dog while growing up. He was also set one fire by its previous owners and medical treatment had to be taken. He is now living a happy life with his new family.

Miss Midna’s Progress

This Is My Dog Miss Midna, 1 Year Apart

Miss Midna was found on the streets looking so skinny and unhealthy that she absolutely needed someone to take care of her. She was quickly adopted and after just one year, the result is so satisfying.

Ready For A New Start

Dying Dog Found On Street, Was Suffering From Mange, And Clearly Had Had No Human Contact In A Long Time. It Was Completely Transformed In Two Months

This dog had been found on the side of the road. It was actually slowly dying and covered in mange. After just 2 months of being rescued, he looks happy and healthy, ready for a new life.

Kenzi The Beautiful

Kenzi Came To Cocker Spaniel Rescue Of Austin & San Antonio From San Antonio As An Abuse/Neglect Case. Her Transformation Shows What Some Tender Loving Care Can Do

This beautiful dog Kenzi was kept at the Cocker Spaniel Rescue Of Austin & San Antonio from San Antonio because she had been abused and mistreated all her life. The way she look snow is beyond amazing.

In A Hot Mess

Puppy Was Left To Die After Falling Into Hot Tar, Until One Kind-Hearted Person Heard The Dog’s Cry. After Scrubbing The Dog For 3 Hours, The Tar Was Finally Removed

This puppy had been abandoned to die after he fell into hot tar. A stranger heard the dog’s cry for help and come to the rescue. It took 3 hours for the tar to be removed. The dog looks very glad to find its new owner.

Pretty Underneath

This 2-Year-Old Girl Is Ready For Her New Life To Begin. 2 Pounds Of Mud And Fur Was Shaved Away

This dog has been covered in a 2 pound worth of mud wherein the fur had to be carefully shaven off. After all the shaving and bathing was done, the dog looks very charming indeed.

Strong Iggy

Iggy Was Found Barely Alive In Mexico With A Horrible Eye Infection. Someone Uploaded A Picture Of Him To Facebook. People Were Touched And Donated Money To Transport The Guy Into The U.S. And Treat His Injury

Iggy had been rescued from Mexico and was suffering from a serious eye infection. After a kind stranger’s plea on Facebook for the dog to be funded and operated in the US, Iggy got the medical treatment and looks great.

Betty’s MisfortuneLittle Betty Was Abandoned By Her Owners. Once Ashamed By Her Appearance, She Is Now Ready For A New Home

This cute little pup named Betty was actually abandoned by her owners because of her sickness and looks. She was very timid and scared of any new rejections that might come her way but was fortunately adopted by a loving person. She is now happier than ever.