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Buzzmic is an independent digital media portal delivering news and entertainment to people around the world. Below we have shared some information about Buzzmic.

  • Our global, cross-platform network includes our site and many other digital platforms.
  • We strive to connect deeply with our audience, and give them news and entertainment worth sharing with their friends, family, and the people who matter in their lives.
  • Our news and entertainment divisions serve a next generation, highly engaged audience that consumes video and content across platforms, on mobile, and has an expectation that media will be relevant and connected to their lives, easily shareable, and globally accessible.
  • Whether it’s entertainment, information, or a cause, our stories are widely shared by people of all ages, genders, and nationalities. We aren’t political. We don’t stereotype. And we don’t have ulterior motives. We simply want to tell a story that you won’t forget.

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White woman loses job after racist rant toward black neighbor

The black lady waiting for AAA said they could smell the ethanol on the breath of Susan Westwood, the slurring, unsteady white woman who...
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