A Man Rescues A Golden Eagle With Leather Belt Strapped On Her Feet!!

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No one can represent freedom in a better way than an eagle does. There can never be a view beautiful than an eagle with spread wings soaring through the sky. They are capable of reaching any corner of the world thanks to their flying ability. Ezra Hadad of Israel’s Nature and National Parks Authority was literally suspicious about noticing a golden eagle flying around in the same area for more than a month. However, he decided to get to the fact of the matter. But for that, he had to catch the eagle.

A Picture Perfect View

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A golden eagle flying through a clear blue sky makes a picture perfect view. The strength and positivity it exudes are inexpressible. Ezra Hadad was very well aware of these attributes of an eagle. But, there were doubts in his mind regarding a golden eagle since he saw her flying in a particular area.

EZRA HADAD: A Member of Israel’s Nature and National Parks Protection Authority

Ezra Hadad was working with the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority. For several years, he had been researching about the birds, especially golden eagles. He left no stone unturned when he worked on his project regarding eagles. He investigated everything from scratch. Like examining the eagle’s nesting locations and hunting styles. And this golden eagle was his next project.

Signs of Captivity

The golden eagle didn’t attract Ezra because of her beautiful feathers or hunting techniques but he took this eagle as his next project because the eagle showed signs of captivity. The eagle was in dire need of help. Ezra took the initiative, before that, he had to capture the eagle-a major hurdle in this project

No Luck for the locals and the officials

Initially, the eagle was noticed by some locals in Urim, Israel, in mid-November 2017. The locals informed the Nature and Parks Authority about the eagle. After the combined efforts of locals and Nature and Parks Authority officials to capture the eagle went in vain, that’s when Ezra got in.

Not A Free Bird!

Right from the beginning, Ezra observed two major things about the golden eagle. But, what caught Ezra’s attention the most was that this eagle didn’t fly freely, there was a leather belt with buckles wrapped around her feet. This thing made sure that the eagle was a captive and not a free bird. Â

Leather Straps

Ezra knew that these kinds of leather belts were used by those people who train an eagle. This gave the impression that whoever was trying to do so was not successful. The belt basically is used to hold the eagle on a glove. Ezra wanted to sort out this problem soon to free the beautiful eagle from those straps.

Totally Different Reactions

Golden Eagle is usually not very fond of humans. If a person tries to get closer to the eagle, the bird flies away, and within no time she will be among the clouds. But this eagle reacted in a totally different manner. This took Ezra by surprise and he was amazed to see this kind of reaction from the bird.

Time To Get Closer

Ezra spent two weeks in the Negev Desert researching about the bird and her habits. Next, Ezra knew that he had to get closer to the bird because only that would help him know more about the golden eagle. He started inching closer to the bird, and she didn’t move a bit, which was totally different from her nature.

Pictures On Facebook

While walking towards the bird, Ezra took some close up photos of the golden bird. Later, he posted those photographs on his Facebook profile as well as on the different bird’s related pages. He had done this just in case if the owner comes across these post of his bird, then he might contact Ezra.

Ezra Found The Eagle’s Owner

Soon enough Ezra received a message. The message was from 28-year-old Amar-al-Rais, that said the golden eagle was his. The guy was a farmer in Port Said, Egypt. Just to confirm, Ezra asked him to provide any photographs of the bird he had with him. The man sent the photos and after scrutinizing the pictures Ezra knew that he had found the eagle’s owner.

Not An Animal Abuser

On further investigation, Ezra came to know that Amar was no eagle abuser. He was, in fact, an animal lover himself. He didn’t keep his bird in small cramped cages. In the year 2016, he purchased the eagle for 2,000 Egyptian pounds ($112 approx.). He also had named his beautiful bird.

Amar was a great caretaker

He named her Candy and the reason he provided was that she was sweet and beautiful. He had always kept his eagle with love and care. He spent 400 Egyptian pounds every month on her food which includes rabbits, eggs, and vitamins. He even had a well-prepared training routine for the golden eagle.

A Perfect Training Schedule

Amar trained Candy three to four times per week. Her training schedule included flying, hunting and carrying flags. He recorded her performance on his camera and uploaded them to his Facebook profile. Amar definitely wanted Candy back but there was a problem which acted as an impediment between him and Candy.

So Close Still So Far

Amar was not very far from the place where Candy was found. He was in Egypt and Candy was in Israel. And in Israel, it was illegal to own an eagle. Amar was all tied up. He could not do anything about it and he eagerly wanted her back. He was not sure that he would get his eagle back.

Amar requested Israeli authorities

Amar requested Israeli officials to give him his eagle back. “I will take good care of her”, he said, “and release her to nature after she has been with me for five years.” But the chances were not very good. In Fact, the officials of Parks Authority hadn’t even captured her yet.

Olga Chigin decides to help Candy

Olga Chigin was a local of Urim, the place where Candy was noticed. She noticed that the eagle was really weak. The leather belts were making it more difficult for the eagle to fly and hunt. Olga decided to help her. In the first place, she was not an expert who knew much about the bird. But her instincts made her do what she did.

Candy Lost Her Strength

Olga captured her by throwing a coat on her and she didn’t even resist. She took Candy to a local veterinarian Dr. Yariv Agur. According to the doctor, the bird had become so weak that she had lost every bit of her strength. Her condition was critical. She required immediate treatment.

Candy’s Treatment at the Animal Centre

Olga and Dr. Agur rushed her to a nearby animal clinic. There she was fed with over two pounds of mutton. The doctors also got rid of the leather belts which were strapped to Candy’s legs. As soon as the leather belt was removed from her leg, Candy regained her natural behavior. She averted human contact and was aggressive if anyone tried to get closer to her.

Candy returning to her natural streak

After a while, Candy was back to her normal ways of life. She just needed a good amount of rest and food, and she was deemed fit to return to her natural habitat. Olga and Dr. Agur were really happy to see her progress. After all, her condition was really bad when Dr. Agur examined her in his clinic.

All is Well For Amar!

But what about Amar, her owner from Egypt? Unfortunately, he lost his eagle friend, but in the end, he got what he wished for, Candy’s happiness and ability to soar skies once more. With people like Ezra Hadad and Olga Chigin to her rescue, Candy got her freedom back.