9 Most Useless Jobs That Will Make You Feel Awesome About Your Job

Let’s admit it. Some of us feel useless or left out in our current professions. Often we feel like we’re not really moving in any direction or getting successful. This kind of feeling is difficult to overcome and often results in switching jobs.

To comfort those who hate their jobs, we’ve looked at some of the most useless jobs in the world. They’ll hopefully make you recognize the worth of your job.

1. Restroom Attendant Jobs

Guardians of the sanctuary, these people do nothing but make our trips to public toilets uncomfortable. Sitting there all day, they watch you closely as you follow the rules. And their main task is to prevent you from entering without making payments.

2. Lifeguard at the Swimming Olympics

The Olympics host the world’s fastest and strongest sportsmen in the universe. Take swimming for example. The performance of Michael Phelps and others prove their direct affiliation to aquatic animals.

But not even these demigods are free from following health and safety rules. Following the regulations, a massive fleet of lifeguards is always on hand to help them should they get into trouble.


3. Elevator Operator

These people’s job is to press the floor button for whoever enters the elevator. They earn a meager salary for traveling up and down inside these tiny steel boxes. And for performing this complex activity they need a unique qualification of, you guessed it, pressing buttons.

4. Pet Psychic

Could you build your career on pretending that you can read the minds of strangers’ pets? Indeed, relaying what they’re thinking to their masters takes courage. But the advice that will foster the intimate relationship with their darlings will be much appreciated. This profession usually involves cats and dogs. No one knows why, but who the hell cares what a fish is thinking? Perhaps that this is one of the most useless jobs in the whole universe.


5. Parking Attendant

Although ridiculously outdated, this profession still exists. These people are the last remnants in places where machines haven’t had their go yet. One can nothing but admire parking attendants for doing their job with full dedication in the harshest of weather conditions.

6. Subway Pusher

It seems highly unlikely that you’d dream of becoming a subway pusher in megacities like Tokyo, NYC or Madrid. This phenomenon can now be seen mainly in Asia, although the profession originated almost a century ago in NYC.

They spend their days jamming a never-ending conveyor belt of human mass into a train carriage before the door shuts. Not even the euphemistic term of ‘passenger arrangement staff’ does help make this profession more enjoyable.


7. Night Security Guard

Imagine yourself sitting outside in a bad weather all night. And you have do that knowing several affordable cameras and alarms could do the job for you.

What’s more, your world is turned upside down. Your shift may start as late as 10 or 11 pm and end well after the sun comes up. These night watchmen cannot avoid working any night of the week, even on weekends and holidays. Not an ideal profession when you want to lead an ordinary social and healthy lifestyle.

8. Toll Booth Operator

There are still people sitting in the toll booths, fully immersed in their job. They’re handing out change while giving you that familiar blank stare. How long could you sit there knowing that a machine can break a $10 banknote much faster and far more accurately than you? Definitely one of the most useless jobs out there.

9. ATM Guard

Yes, certain banks in India and Europe actually employ ATM guards. Is there anything more bizarre than than people guarding an automated system that was meant to replace bank tellers?