25 Weird Funny Moments You Should Never Try To Do In Public Place

Everyone who has used public transportation knows how weird it can get. In some cases, it gets so annoying that there is no other choice but to abstain from using it. That is not how you will feel after reading this post though. You will feel inspired to take a bus and laugh your head off! These are the funniest moments recorded on public transportation gathered just for you.

Odd snack

Probably no one likes the smell of other people eating on public transportation. But most of us bear it. This woman did not have any consideration for other people. When they started complaining about her french fries, she had to quit eating those. But she didn’t let that stop her from taking a jar of mayo out of her bag and start consuming that.

She was really late…

Nobody really cares if you apply makeup on the subway or on the bus. That being said, you can’t expect to brush your teeth on the subway during the morning rush hour and not being stared at. That is especially true once you start spitting into your bag…

An unconventional passenger

Talk about unconventional pets. After reading “The Raven”, by Edgar Allen Poe, this person decided to take his fandom seriousness to the next level. He decided to get a raven itself. Do not worry though, the beautiful animal is on a blue leash.

A smart ride

Apart from occupying a little too much space, I do not understand what is so wrong about this guy bringing his smart car on the subway! He controls the temperature inside, avoids other people bumping against him and listens to whatever music he enjoys!

Pizza on the floor

This woman was not having a pleasant night after meeting her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend… Unfortunately, it did not get better on her way home. She bought a ginormous pizza and headed home on the subway. The only positive part of that evening was that the parchment paper did not completely ruin her pizza after it fell on the dirty public floor…

Well camouflaged

This sniper-in-training did not want to take his ghillie suit off. Even off-base this cadet is not taking any chances of actually being seen by anyone. Guess he is following the rules too strictly, isn’t he?

Seizing the game

There is no way this guy would waste all that commuting time doing anything else than playing his favorite video games! Talk about seizing the day. He is getting ready for a huge competition. If commitment counts, this one is bringing home the title!

His paper friend

Let us get past the obvious lonely joke that this picture asks for. When this man decided to bring his version of a paper friend on the subway, he had a goal. One may value one’s personal space a little more than others do… In this case, this man just got himself an extra seat with his lonely label!

Fashionable lettuce

Without hairnets to cover her hair while cooking, there was no choice for this chef than to use a lettuce leaf instead. Did she forget to take the leaf off? Is this a fashion statement? Is she storing food in case she gets hungry?

Subway dinner

He had no choice but to have dinner on the subway and he does not seem to be uncomfortable doing so! He brought his folding table with him and set it right in the middle of the subway train! The perfect subway dinner.

Darth Vader vs. Batman

This is a fight worth watching. In an alternate universe in which both Darth Vader and Batman exist, which one would win a one-to-one confrontation? That is a question I am sure all the commuters on this specific subway train asked themselves that day.

Moving on a budget

This woman does not care about Japanese futons. There was no way she would sleep anywhere else but on her comfortable mattress. That is why she decided to transport this crucial piece of furniture on the bus. She does not own a car and does not want to spend any extra money transporting it in a more conventional way.

That’s not how my friend

It is okay to buy books to help you learn the skills you need. You can obtain all sort of abilities through reading those pages. However, if you want to meet women on the subway, just like this man, it would probably be more useful to talk to them instead of openly share your desires through your current read cover!

Hypochondriac toucans

These toucan beaks were originally used centuries ago to avoid doctors from getting diseased. These people may not know about surgical masks and that is why they chose this older alternative. It may not help with the disease spreading part but it will certainly help with the subway smell. Jokes aside, great costumes!

Free ticket

There is no way this man is going to let other commuters ruin his day. He decided he would start riding the bus instead of traveling inside it. There are other perks, besides the loneliness. He enjoys fresh air, a vigorous workout and, most importantly, a free ride!

Independent woman

Traveling on the subway during the rush hour may be quite challenging. You may be lucky and get a seat. You may be tall enough to grab one of those available bars. If you are neither lucky nor tall, you can always be smart like this woman! Buy a plunger, turn it into your own handle and be safe.

Tears on the subway

When you work late and really want to cook dinner for your boyfriend, there is no choice but to do it on your way home! However, there is one thing you should think about before start chopping onions on the subway; there are other people around you who might not be prepared to cry!

How to sleep on a bus

During a long bus journey, you may need to take a nap. It is no secret that buses are not the most comfortable places to sleep. This woman had to make her own comfort. It led to a nose on a bar that is touched by hundreds of hands daily. When you get past the disgusting part, it still looks really uncomfortable!

Wanna be hanger

There is no doubt that this guy must have a reason for hanging from above on a subway. There were seats available that he could have taken. Is this some sort of training or is this supposed to be funny or is it just an attempt to seek attention? Either way, the people around him are not enjoying it that much.

When life gives you knives

When you decide to apply your make up on the subway, you may want to check you have everything you need in your bag before you leave! This fine woman did not do that and ended up not having brushes in her vanity kit. The one thing she had was a plastic knife. As long as it serves its purpose…

Robin Hood takes the subway

This is a talented Robin Hood. He found himself in need of some cash to afford to live in New York City. That is why this guy decided to take his costume to the subway and start asking money from the rich for himself! This was the only way to pursue his Broadway dream.

Head in-doors

Your first time in a big city may be challenging. That is what this woman must have felt. Her friends gave her the directions and told her everything she should do. However, it is easier said than done. She left the bus a moment too late and ended up with her head trapped in the middle of those doors.

Breaking the rules

It is not a surprise that this woman does not seem to want to be photographed, the reason being that it is strictly forbidden to carry pets on the Moscow subway. That, however, did not stop her from traveling with her cute cat hiding in her raincoat. She probably needed to bring it back to her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had joint custody of Snuggles.

Upside down

Here is a guy trying to get some attention or he is under the illusion that he is a part of Stranger Things. You can argue but there is no way you can give any other plausible explanation for this one. It is neither safe nor comfortable. Well, it may be funny.

Fallen angel

This fallen angel decided to take the subway like all regular people. There is no way to guess the reason why he did not fly the skies with those two big white wings. Was it cold outside? Jokes aside, he is a smart guy. Three seats to himself… Well played, sir.

I want to know your experiences with public transportation! What was the funniest moment you witnessed on the subway or on a bus?