16 Times Technology Was Never Your Friend

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Whether we tend to like it or not, we’re living in the age of technology these days — it’s unavoidable! Phones and computers are more plentiful than ever, bringing North American country into an age of ease and relaxation, right? Well, not exactly.

I don’t think there’s a person out there, young or previous, World Health Organization hasn’t a minimum of puffed out a blow of air from their nostrils in frustration due to some technological mishap. So today, we have a tendency to patterned we’d laugh away the pain and understand that it happens to all or any people, to some extent.

Check out these times that technology was nobody’s friend.

1. Well, at least she found a solution!

And technically, she’s not wrong — if something, she’s ingenious. Yeah, the standard will not be nearly as good as it can be, however, the task is finished, and that is what matters at this point!

2. children would possibly make fun of United States of America staggering with our phones, however, let’s have a look at them attempt to handle our previous ones!

3. Recent phones never tricked the United States of America like this, I tell ya.

Not that this could be out there casual loads of individuals, however, if they were questioning why their clock was stuck on an equivalent time, here’s the embarrassing answer!

4. “My Aunt’s response to the birth of our kid.”

One of the most effective components of social media is that the ability to share our life moments with our friends and family — United Nations agency, of course, need to retort suitably once one thing necessary comes up!

5. Well, saddle on up, partner!

Since its invention, auto-correct has seldom been a lover to anyone. This person’s struggle is comparable to the rationale I send individuals an image of a duck once I am upset.

6. Of these screens before people square measure positively a distraction — not continuously an honest thing!

Not solely is she caught checkin’ herself out (we all do it), however, she’ll positively learn to remember of her surroundings from currently on. Looool, thank you, AFV, thank you!

7. You actually wanna do your analysis before jam unacquainted technical school in your mouth.

You could find yourself with a really, terribly foul style on your tongue.

8. A digital globe appears like a good learning opportunity! I mean, farewell as it’s operating.

Kinda looks a touch dramatic, ya know? “Error: the planet is canceled for currently.”

9. I do not assume anyone’s needed to murder a mechanism therefore badly since the Terminator movies.


I did not even apprehend this was a function! Now, I am horror-stricken at the items that could’ve been sent.

10. You gotta admire his ability to simply roll with the punches.

You don’t shrewdness to repair something? would possibly moreover simply go through it. the matter can fix itself eventually, right?

11. Causation some love with each pic.

Well, not that the very means that to send them this fashion, and not that he appeared all that affected with the feature. Still, it is often nice to envision some love from Dad!

12. These phones simply love your face, I guess!

AFV gets North American nation howlin’ once more with this clip of associate degree clearly annoyed man. Do you wish to record associate degree event? Nah, it needs to record you!

13. Well, a minimum of it absolutely was sensible for something.

Not that I would advocate throwing your cash around like this, however you gotta admit, that’d most likely be a fairly good surface.

14. Not the sort of birthday surprise you’d hope for.

Normally, I would advocate a layer of icing or dish or one thing, however, the United Nations agency am I to urge within the manner of your secret direction, huh?

15. Appears as a Looney Tunes character go away a bomb during this place!

I will barely get a printer to run on the most effective of days, therefore I am terrified of unleashing a catastrophe like this.

16. And lastly, this dog is one amongst the few that simply gets it.

Our last clip from AFV here shows the precise correct response for once individuals are disbursal an excessive amount of time on the pc.