15 Funny Consolidated Words For Your Friends

Our old school English vocabulary is too old to even consider covering every one of the terms and circumstances we are encountering in our day by day schedule extraordinarily while we interact with innovation. Additionally, our relationship, styles and our entire life is currently influenced by the innovation. In this post, I am going to share some entertaining statements and terms that are made by consolidating two terms of old vocabulary in this manner having two implications. You can utilize these new present-day age terms to call or aggravate your companions and make some good times. These viral words curated from all over the web are extremely engaging and something that you can relate to easily.

Start exploring the latest viral urban vocabulary of funny yet interesting and innovative words :

For those who ignore people around them and remain busy on Cellphones!

Impatient People who keep on waiting for the reply of their text messages!

Last one to clap in the group!

Lone wanderer!

Learning things that make you dumber instead of enlightening!

Nest of things you need while surfing the internet!

An irritating person who keeps on asking dumb questions with obvious answers!

A trouble seeker who repeatedly makes mistakes and is seldom correct!

So this was the list of most interesting consolidated words that we could found on the internet. They’re combined so they become stronger or more solid. You can fairly call them a part of urban vocabulary having extremely interesting definitions. You can share these 15 funny and relatable double meaning quotes and terms in your friend circle for fun. Most of them are self-explanatory and might perfectly describe you and your SQUAD.