10 Most Beautiful Plus Size Models You Need to Be Following

Plus size – This is something which does not fit into society’s understanding of a body type when it should do perfectly.

You have most probably heard about Ashley Graham, the very first plus-size model to make it to the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. This supermodel paved the path for other plus size models in the industry.

The plus size modeling industry is at a boom and curvy models across the globe are making it to the center stage on runway shows and big magazine covers. Here’s a list of most famous 10 plus size models in the industry.

1. HUNTER MCGRADYBody positivity activist Hunter McGrady who also featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition, this time in 2017. Soon after shooting for Sports illustrated, Hunter moved on and created a curvy swimsuit line. This line’s prime focus is on providing plus size ladies the same range of swimsuit options as straight sized women.

2. ISKRA LAWRENCE: You may remember seeing British model Iskra Lawrence in Aerie’s unretouched campaign. She is a brand ambassador for the National Eating Disorder Association. BBC also included her in their Top 100 Most Influential Women for 2016.

3. TABRIA MAJORS: She is a confident believer in the idea of big and curvy women being just as sexy as skinny and regular models. A girl from Nashville, Tennessee, she left a stable 9 to 5 job to make a career in plus size modeling after a modeling agency approached her.

4. DENISE BIDOT: A Puerto Rican-Kuwaiti model based in the United States. She has worked with a number of big players in the fashion industry like Forever 21, Macy ’s, Levi’s Jeans, Nordstrom and many more. She has walked in shows in Europe and the United States. Denise Bidot is a mother to her 8-year-old daughter, Joselyn.

5. HAYLEY HASSELHOFF: She is the daughter of famous Baywatch actor and producer David Hasselhoff. Hayley began her modeling career at the age of just 14 and has since worked with a number of plus size clothing brands. She was on the cover of SLiNK, a U.K.-based magazine. At the moment she is a columnist for the Curve column in Marie Claire UK.

6. JESSICA LEAHY: An Australian supermodel who made her debut at the New York Fashion Week. She is a firm believer in the need for a genuine conversation about different body types and positivity.

7. ASHLEY GRAHAM: No list of top 10 plus size models of 2018 can be completed without mentioning the name of Ashley Graham? Ashley was first discovered at the age of 12, and since then has been a trendsetter in the fashion industry and an inspiration to curvy women all over the world.

8. DANIKA BRYSHA: Danika went on to start her brand called ‘Model Meals’, which deals with delivering healthy food.

9. CANDICE HUFFINE: Beginning her career as a beauty queen and competing in pageants across Maryland, Candice Huffine denied to lose weight for agents when she started her modeling career. She was fearless, and her big break came when she was featured alongside Tara Lynn, in Vogue Italia’s plus size spread.

10. PRECIOUS VICTORIA LEE: Precious Victoria Lee is a perfect example of a plus size model who was pressured to change herself at the very beginning of her career. In a Time article, Precious discussed the challenges she faced in her journey.